Healthier Habits Have Improved Jeffry Schneider’s Life

The idea of wellness has been growing in popularity over the years. From folks working for little-known companies to well-known individuals like Jeffry Schneider — everyone wants a better life.

Many consider Google to be the first company that took wellness in the workplace with the seriousness deserved. The company designed its wellness program to attract great talent. But people like Jeffry Schneider practice healthier living to attain personal wellness.

Benefits of Wellness

Whether Jeffry Schneider wakes up in New York or some other city in Thailand, he exercises. He rises early and hits the track. By the time other folks are taking their morning coffee, he is through with his routine at the gym.

He believes exercising improves his ability to focus on other areas of his life. There must be good reasons individuals and companies are spending money and time on wellness programs. Below are reasons to develop a wellness plan for your life:

You Will Develop Healthier Habits

Wellness programs encourage the development of healthy living habits. You will have to build exercise into your schedule. If a very busy New Yorker like Jeffry Schneider can find the time, you can too.

Many programs tend to have a faddish nature. People try them for a day or two and then move on to something else. You want to choose a program that focuses on building a better lifestyle rather than just dieting. Choose a plan that encourages better eating habits and more exercise. The healthier habits you will form lead to enhanced wellness and personal well being.


You Can Lose Weight

Being overweight can make you harbor unsupportive feelings such as low self-esteem. Many products and programs promise to help you lose weight. Let’s face it — losing weight is not as easy as swallowing weight loss pills.

You need to start eating the right foods. Jeffry Schneider advocates eating what a book he read calls “real food” as opposed to food that comes in “boxes.”Additionally, you should learn how to combine nutrition and exercise for better and lasting results. However, it is advisable not to focus on weight loss. Instead, focus on becoming healthier.

Wellness Reduces the Cost of Health Care

Numerous studies have considered the impact of wellness programs on company finances. Twenty-two different studies have shown that wellness programs have a 3.27 return on investment. The participating companies saved $3.27 in reduced health care costs for every dollar spent on wellness programs. You too can save money if you select an effective personal wellness plan and commit yourself.

A Wellness Plan Can Improve Your Productivity

It is possible to be present at work and not be productive. Being physically present at work without actually working has been called “presenteeism.” Jeffry Schneider has learned about presence and tries to practice it in his life.

When he is with his kids, Schneider focuses all his attention on them and nothing else. Being “present” has helped him improve his personal and professional relationships. Presence is in his words “the single most significant element of a truly balanced life.”

Research has shown employees whose diets were unhealthy were 66 percent more likely to have high presenteeism than workers who ate healthier food. Additionally, employees who exercised regularly were 50 percent less likely to have high presenteeism than people who did not exercise. The findings associated healthy eating and regular exercise with higher productivity. Improved productivity at work might get you a promotion and more pay.

The benefits of wellness programs are evident. Jeffry Schneider and many other people are enjoying the awesome goodness of healthier living. You too can, but you need to find an effective wellness plan and commit to it.


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