How Fabletics Grew By 200 Percent So Quickly

Why are brands like Fabletics using the power of the crowd? The power of the crowd really is the secret of Fabletics’ success today. Not everyone knows this. The truth is that as more and more customers look online for reviews of products before they buy anything, it is extremely important for brands to leverage social power online to build up their reputation. In fact, Fabletics managed to grow over two hundred percent. Shawn Gold, who directs marketing at Fabletics, says that it is because of the power of the crowd that they got where they are.


In other words, Fabletics utilized online reviews to power their growth. People look for online reviews all the time. Studies show that people really do trust online reviews. People do not trust brands themselves. People do not trust what they see on ads, whether they see them on offline ads or on online ads. People however, do trust what other people are saying. So if you have a lot of positive reviews online about your product, there is a good chance that trust in your brand will increase.


The truth is that people read reviews frequently. Over half of all customers said that they look for reviews on a regular basis, or at least once a month. In addition, over sixty percent of consumers said that if they see negative reviews about a business, it is likely that they will not buy it. This means you have to be really careful to fill up the online world with positive reviews about your business, just like Fabletics does.


The truth is also that it is happening more frequently that you think. People are looking online and doing research even when in physical stores. Over sixty percent of the time, they are actually not looking to do a price comparison. Rather, they are looking for online reviews of the product they are thinking of buying. In addition, over three quarters of companies said that they are actually investing in user reviews. Many are featuring reviews on their website, because they know that it gets people to buy more.


There are many benefits of having user reviews. It increases sales. It improves your overall brand. It boosts your power. It boosts your revenue. It increases both trust and customer loyalty. In addition, it boosts your search engine rankings.


Kate Hudson is one of the big names behind Fabletics. She helped it grow from a small company to a company that is worth two hundred and fifty million dollars. She was a well known actress before she got started with Fabletics. The founders of Fabletics decided to approach Kate Hudson and seek her help with growing the business. They thought that she would be the perfect model for their brand.


Kate got involved soon enough. She got started with every aspect of the business. She helps them create ideas and strategies. She reviews their current marketing and social media marketing campaigns. She helps promote the brand and make it a household name.

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