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It is every man and woman’s dream to have soft, shiny and lustrous hair. However, not everyone knows the trick behind making their hair really stand out. Am not talking about investing in expensive hair care products, but the hair care basics that you could actually achieve every day. If you happen to be looking for these essential tips, you are in luck for this is our topic of discussion today.

Washing Your Hair

This might sound too basic, but the way you wash your hair and the products that you use could actually make a huge difference. If you wash your hair on a regular basis, you don’t need much shampoo. You only need a one wash to cleanse your hair. Shampoos are made of harsh sulfates. Perhaps, the reason why they easily rather. Therefore you need not use much as the shampoo will damage and weaken your hair. Avoid shampooing your hair if you have dry hair, have colored hair or you have an itchy scalp.

After you have washed your hair with a shampoo, it is important that you use a conditioner to keep your hair nourished. When applying a conditioner, you will get the best results if you apply at the ends then comb your hair through to apply to other hair parts.

Instead of using a shampoo, you can invest in a good quality cleansing conditioner, such as Wen By CHAZ. It gives you the best of both products. It does not utilize harsh chemicals. Therefore, it doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oils.


WEN By CHAZ is the name of a hair care brand owned by Chaz Dean, It majors in the production of cleansing conditioners for various hair types and hair issues.

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