Investment Professional Chris Linkas Advice on Early Investment


Investment expert Chris Linkas advise young people to start investing as early as possible attributing some key lifelong benefits to it. The early investment gives one a chance to take more risks especially with more volatile ventures that yield more returns on investments. Young people who invest early have recovery time if something were to go wrong, and also have a chance to take riskier moves. On the other side, late investors are essentially more careful with how they choose to invest their funds.


Compound interest has a big difference if it is given time to accumulate and has potential gains. Continuous investment of earnings exponentially increases yield on investment. One of the biggest risks to investments is poor spending habits. Chris Linkas notes that with early investment allows young people to develop disciplined spending habits sticking to the budget and cutting expenses. It also provides improved personal financial situations where one can afford things their peers cannot and enables one to face hardships later on in life. Early investments reduce the risk of making reckless choices as one nears retirement improving your quality of life.


Young people in their 20s should invest some of their money even though they have other needs such as paying back student loans. According to Chris Linkas, college students and young professionals procrastinate when it comes to investing money, especially in the stock market. As a financial expert in charge of a 20-person group in Europe that specializes in initial investments of opportunistic nature, he has wide knowledge on how to invest and its benefits. He deals with international groups across Europe and believes in reinvesting.


Chris Linkas advised young people to invest whatever their financial status may be, especially in conservative mutual funds that offer good quarterly dividends which should be reinvested into new shares that compound over the years. He says that technology has given young people an advantage over their parents where computer software programs, cell phones, and financial apps give young investors tools needed to learn about investing ( Moreover, they should take stock of themselves by looking at how they can become self-employed entrepreneurs, or take the numerous chances and seek jobs paying higher wages.


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