James Dondero: Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence affects a lot of families in the United States. Some are unreported, but some are brave enough to speak with the police about their condition. James Dondero, the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, one of the largest financial institutions in Texas, have stated that he is willing to help the victims of domestic violence. According to James Dondero, they are going to donate an amount totaling to $1 million. This will be in the form of a challenge grant, and his company is willing to provide this sum of money to help rehabilitate the victims of domestic violence. The organization which is helping these victims, called The Family Place, have thanked James Dondero for his generosity. The Family Place has launched a campaign called the Legacy Campaign, which aims to raise money in order for them to create a center that will help the victims of domestic abuse. However, their campaign ended up being short of $2.8 million. Now, they are seeking the help of private corporations and businesses to fund the said facility. For Highland Capital Management, $1 million is just a small amount of money, and they are willing to give it for the sake of those who need help. The said challenge grant will be administered by the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc., the firm’s philanthropic arm.

According to James Dondero, after The Family Place pleaded for help, the mayor of Dallas along with the police chief officer has started to talk to businesses in order for them to extend an arm. He stated that he never thought twice, and just decided right then and there that the Highland Capital Management will be helping out. According to The Family Place, the facility that they are trying to building would include a number of facilities that would help rehabilitate domestic abuse victims. These facilities would include 13 emergency shelter rooms, a clinic, a call center, multiple counseling rooms and a multipurpose space that can be used for leisure. Based on their statistics, over two thousand people would benefit once the facility has been constructed. James Dondero is hoping that by the donation that he will be providing, the cases of domestic abuse in the city of Dallas would go down.

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