Jose Borghi Works At A Time Of Constant Change In The Advertising Industry

When Jose Borghi left the Brazilian region of President Pudente and took his first job in advertising in 1989 with Standard Ogilvy there is little chance he could understand the many different technological and social changes he would witness over the course of his impressive career. A Golden Lion winner at Cannes and the creator of the legendary “Mammals of Parmalat” campaign now presides over the Mullen Lowe Brasil ad agency that has grown from the company created by Borghi and Erh Ray that initially had just the two as employees responsible fro every aspect of the business they were looking to form.

Borghi may now act as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer of Mullen Lowe, but he still maintains an interest in the everyday campaigns run by the company, including the use of social media where Borghi himself feels the advertising industry will find a natural home in the coming years. In September 2016, Borghi assembled his creative team and set them to work on a new campaign on advertisement that had no official client and a brief of simply having fun with social media.

The social media platform for marketing, he choice was Instagram, where Borghi and his creative team decided they could use video to show the capabilities of the platform for their clients and simply provide some fun images for Instagram users to enjoy. Not only have the created videos proven to be a great success in attracting new followers to the Instagram account of Mullen Lowe Brasil, but they have also achieved something Jose Borghi feels is important for any advertising agency, which is to have fun during the often long hours creatives work to provide the best possible images, sound, and print campaigns they can for an ever growing list of clients across numerous platforms.


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