Malcom Casselle Bitcoin Leader

Malcolm Casselle is the CIO of OPSkins a company that specializes in the sales of in-game virtual assets. He is also the president of WAX a global decentralized marketplace for virtual assets. He was the director for Capitol Union Investments an investment firm in Hong Kong and is the former CEO of Xfire. He was the CEO for Media pass a smart subscription solution company and a board member for Social Reality. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received his bachelor’s in computer science. Then he attended Stanford University where he received his master’s degree in Computer Science.

When Casselle graduated from college, he began working at Schroder Securities as an IT Director. He then went on to become co-founder of NetNoir a content site that partnered with America Online. Eventually, he would become senior vice president of PCCW a television service company. He has held many management positions in a diverse range of companies including, Original Quinton, GlobalCast Networks, Xing Zhi Education Ltd, and Groupon. He considers himself a serial entrepreneur and has worked hard to achieve his level of success.

Since Casselle has become the CIO of OpSkins, the company has become a leader in the cryptocurrency industry. The company allows virtual game players the ability to make cross-border micropayments. They have produced a new platform called WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) and allows virtual trade between individuals with a smart contract. This system will prevent fraud with a widget that permits virtual players to trade within the virtual gaming system. It will stop fragmentation and not allow the use of tokens that are not utilized by WAX. The WAX system consists of an algorithm that recognizes WAX Tokens and permits the exchange for buyers and sellers. The virtual game players will need WAX Tokens in order to participate in the transactions provided by WAX.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, Malcolm Casselle is an expert. He is a leader in the bitcoin industry and has had made a huge impact in cryptocurrency. There is no doubt that he will continue to provide us with innovative ideas.

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