Malini Saba’s Journey as a Philanthropist

Born in Southern Asia, Malini Saba has created a niche in the humanitarian and investment sectors globally. Currently, the Asian philanthropist lives in the U.S and serves as the Chairman of Saban Company. Saban Company specializes in a spectrum of services ranging from oil and gas production in China to real estate in India and Australia. When she began her career, she had to fight individuals who were trying to push her out of her areas of interests. She teamed up with her associates in fighting corrupt people and emerged victoriously. During the fight, Malini Saba lost valuable resources such as time and money.


After forming a partnership with her associates to start a new enterprise, they encountered stiff competition. Over the years, Malini Saba’s efforts have paid abundantly. Currently Malini Saba is linked to real estate, rice fields, and energy businesses. Malini Saba’s career began in the 90s when she invested in Silicon Valley, PayPal, Netscreen Technologies, and Sycamore Networks companies. Due to the profitability and success of these companies, Malini’s wealth grew drastically.


Despite her success and influence in the world of business, Malini values her family. Interestingly, she could balance her personal and professional life.


Malini Saba’s role at Stree Foundation

Stree Global Investment in Women is a non-profit charitable organization established by Malini Saba in 2001 to empower women with a meager income. The organization also provides a platform for women to connect with other public policies in India, Central America, Africa, and Eastern Europe. Through Stree Foundation, Malini Saba served as a women rights activist. She also helped in providing quality healthcare, education, and shelter for the needy children. Furthermore, Malini Saba offered financial support to several orphanages in Sri Lank and Laos.


During the building of the world’s first Heart Research Centre at El Camino in 2005, Malini Saba donated $1 million to the project. She also visited the Tsunami victims in 2004 and pledged $10 million to support the victims in India and Sri Lanka. Her career journey inspires many people as she started from a humble background to her way up as a global-scale entrepreneur and human rights activist. At the age of 30, Malini Saba had accumulated a lot of wealth.

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