Vinod Gupta Database Technology

Vinod Gupta is a businessman and entrepreneur. He was born in India and moved to the United States and attended the University of Nebraska. While working as a Marketing Research Analyst, he was tasked with gathering a list of mobile home dealers. While trying to collect the information that was asked of him he found out that the list did not exist. Instead of complaining about the list not existing he took it upon himself to create the list himself. Vinod saw that the business-to-business information was in high demand. He was able to start American Business Information by gathering information for companies seeking the information.

Gupta was able to turn one company into multiple companies because of his ability to gather information. His company went from InfoUSA to InfoGroup. They have provided information to companies all over the world. He offered jobs to people in populations that are not that fortunate. He has been able to save businesses time by providing them with the list that they need and give employment to people in need. He has gathered companies by using the knowledge that he gained over the years to develop other companies into great companies.

Vinod Gupta now uses the time that he has to continue in the growth of his companies. He makes sure to plan for long-term rather than short-term to ensure that his company can last. He set people in place to handle the problems they encounter on a daily basis so that he can handle long-term issues. He doesn’t want too much focus to be in one place and not in another. He has to make sure that his company is not ambushed by future problems. Gupta’s investment firm has been able to gain more and more companies by him staying ahead. His company specializes in database technology.

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Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta

Jeff Herman Explains His Job Responsibilities; Gives Advice to Young, Would-be Lawyers

Jeff Herman created Herman law, and it is now a nationally recognized law firm. He represents victims of sexual abuse, rape, and other types of sexual violence. He has the experience that these victims need to receive justice and continue their lives. Herman Law is one the United State’s leading practices that work in the field of childhood sexual exploitation.

Jeff says that research and fact-checking is a very important part of his firm. He likes to know all sides of a story before he presents anything he says as fact. One of his methods include writing out his cases on a whiteboard, creating a timeline of events.

The age of the internet has brought change to Jeff’s firm. He says that the change has brought certain people together, and they are able to empower victims, giving them control of their lives once again.

“Within the scope of my work, I deal with the worst of humanity,” said Jeff Herman in an interview with FiveHundo. He went on to explain that he even considered quitting this division of law and pursuing other things. It wasn’t until he had the help of several doctors, with biometric training, that he began to divert his own emotional attachments from his clients. He says he is still able to be empathetic, but he doesn’t let his own feelings get in the way of his work.

The interviewer concluded their conversation by asking Jeff Herman about any advice he could offer to young people looking to start a career in law. Herman said that they should pursue what they are passionate about, specifically things that don’t involve law. He tells young people to do this because then they can combine their passion with law and have a very enjoyable, lucrative career.

“I would tell young people to find what exactly drive them,” Herman said.

Jeff Herman Talks Law And Life

“OG” Juan Perez Celebrates His 50th Birthday Mega Style

The president of Roc Nation Sports Juan “OG” Perez celebrated his 50th birthday in lavish style, eating and drinking the best-of-the-best. It all began in Midtown and ended at the Playroom Nightclub with a $91,000 tab.

Thanks to a server who obviously couldn’t resist the urge to take a picture of the receipt and post it on Snapchat OG Juan’s 50th birthday and the price tag spread like wild-fire. Social media was buzzing, to many people $74,000 on liquor was nothing more than a waste. But was it an intelligent business move by the legendary mogul Jay Z?

Long-time friend and business partner Jay Z  splurged and made the night memorable for his friend. “OG” Juan Perez’s $100,000 birthday bash was a celebration and a wise man’s way of enjoying the benefits of advertising for free Jay Z style.

It was a generous and brilliant move on the Roc Nation crew’s part. Splurging on your own brand of champagne while partying with your friend and business partner is pure genius. OG Juan and Jay Z know how to celebrate and keep the money piling up. It’s a sensational 50th birthday celebration that will be talked about for quite some some thanks to the server who made sure the public and world knew about the excessive price tag.

But was that just a coincidence? Or was that part of the mogul’s game plan, the world may never really know. At the end of the night, it was a birthday bash for “OG” Juan Perez that will not be forgotten.

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All About the Fagali Airport and Island

The Fagali Airport was once owned and operated by the local government. It was used primarily for military purposes, but was closed soon after due to noise and environmental violations. The airport is found on the gorgeous Somoa island, and is one of the only features of the island to date. Other than the airport, there is a small community of homes and shops, but the airport is the primary attraction of the island. After being abandoned for several years, Polynesian Airlines reopened the airport and called it Fagali Airport. The airport now boasts international and local travel with multiple airlines within its facility.

The Fagali Airport airlines include Somoa Air, South Pacific Airways and Pogo Pogo Air. International flights can go to America, Africa and Europe and local travels are specific to Pogo Pogo and other areas of the Somoa Islands. The airport has been reported to be one of the safest flying facilities in the world due to the immense security measures that they take. They also extensively search bags and other carry-on packages to ensure that the flight will be safe while it is in the air. In fact, the Fagali Airport has received multiple rewards and awards for its work within the flight industry.

The airport has a wide range of amenities, including a full-service restaurant, cafeteria and gift shop. Multiple restrooms and vending machines are available throughout the airport to make it convenient for you to refresh between flights. The security to go through the airport and onto the flight is convenient, non-invasive and yet incredibly thorough. Millions of people travel through the Fagali Airport each year, with most than 30,000 flights leaving the airport annually. Despite being a smaller airport, it is no stranger to crowds and continues to be toted as one of the busiest airports in the world.

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Ryan Seacrest: A Household Name

It has been said that Ryan Seacrest is the busiest man in the entertainment industry, and the facts back it up. In addition to his roles as co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan, and host of his own radio show, Seacrest is also a television producer, men’s clothing designer, and a philanthropist. So how does he manage to do all of these things and still stay in shape?

Ryan Seacrest, 43, has a learned how to incorporate healthy activities into his active lifestyle through trial and error. At one time when his schedule allowed for it, he would go to the gym in the middle of the day because that was when he had the time, but he felt guilty about working out when everyone else was working for a living, so he didn’t tell anyone. But his feelings about that have changed, and now he works out when it best fits into his schedule. One of Ryan Seacrest’s latest workout activities was working with a boxing coach. Seacrest has also been able to take a personal trainer along when he was on location for Live with Kelly and Ryan. In addition, he has figured out how to fit his workouts into his New York City routine. Running in the park is a favorite, and he also uses a Peloton bike before he goes to work.

Keeping fit and being healthy is not just about working out, and Ryan Seacrest understands that. He says these days he is mostly a vegan. Seacrest claims to work so that he can enjoy food and wine, and on the weekends loves to spend time eating family style meals.

Ryan Seacrest gained celebrity status when hosting American Idol. Now a household name, Ryan Seacrest produces Keeping Up With the Khardashians, created Distinction a clothing line for men, and founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which provides children in pediatric hospitals with a variety creative outlets.

Sheldon Lavin and The History Behind OSI Group

OSI Group is known for being one of the world’s largest supplier of food globally. OSI employs over 20,000 employees and has 65 facilities internationally. OSI started out as a small ,family run, butcher shop, but is now a multi-billion dollar corporation. The ancestry of OSI is deeply rooted in the American immigration history.

German immigrants settled in Chicago, Illinois and this made up a quarter of the city’s consensus. A man by the name of Kolschowsky, opened a small butcher shop within 2 years of residing in Chicago. His shop served the community well and within a decade Kolschowsky decided it was time to expand his business into the wholesale sector.

Years of success caused a small revamping of Kolschowsky’s business and Otto and Sons was born. But with the changing of times, modern suburbs was popping up everywhere. With the demands of the world that pushed businesses to seek ways to upscale and keep up with the demands of society, a rare business collaboration was formed, 2 family businesses, Otto and Sons and McDonald’s.

Otto and Sons moved from the position of regional supplier to international supplier; but as the demands of the world increased, so did the need of food preservation as it went from the warehouse to its destination. Flash freezing became the answer, In 1875, the company shifted the leadership and name of the company as they welcomed Sheldon Lavin. That is when Otto and Sons became OSI Group.

The Growth of McDonald’s is what broke the barrier into international territory. Sheldon Lavin became the CEO and Sheldon Lavin chairman of OSI Group in the 1980’s. The growth of the company has led the company to make Forbes 2016 list of the biggest private owned businesses. Sheldon Lavin is no stranger to the investment world and worked with Otto and Sons on the investment end until their retirement.

OSI history dates back over a century ago. The history is important as it shows the relevance of economic growth and technological advances from then until now. First a butcher shop,then Otto and Sons, currently OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin helped lead the company and break barriers that no other company had yet ventured into during the economic growth that started from the birth of the first McDonald’s and on as both companies evolved.

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U.S. Money Reserve Is The Exclusive Distributor Of Perth Mint’s Coronation Set

Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation occurred on 2nd June 1953. The event was broadcasted to approximately three hundred million people worldwide. Six decades and a half later, Australia’s Perth Mint and U.S. Reserve have partnered to honor that day in our history.

One of the items designed to celebrate the coronation is a Proof Coin Set. It includes a 1 ounce silver proof coin, a ¼ ounce gold proof coin and a 2 ounces gold proof coin. The coins are made by The Perth Mint using 99.99% pure silver and gold. These coins, under the 1965 Currency Act of Australia, are issued as legal tender.

The U.S. Reserve was solely selected by The Perth Mint to sell the 2 ounce coin in the United States. The privilege becomes more significant considering the coin has extremely low mintage. 203 coins out of 250 coins are exclusively available to U.S. residents only from the reserve.

Britain’s longest reigning monarch has previously received tribute from the U.S. Money Reserve with a number of coin releases (sold-out) from the Australian mint. For example, there was a 2016 Proof Coin Set for Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday.

U.S. Money Reserve was the exclusive distributor in the United States for the release. Take note that the reserve will be the exclusive international distributor of The Perth Mint produced Pearl Harbor coin series for the 75th Anniversary.

Why People Do Business With U.S. Money Reserve

Since it is one of the country’s renowned and largest distributors of government-issued coins, people are more confident buying gold from the U.S. Money Reserve. It has been known to do everything possible to offer clients the most exceptional gold coins available, as well as the highest level of service.

Over the years potential and current clients have placed their trust on the reserve’s ability to help them select the most appropriate and highest quality precious metals for various uses. A good number of these clients are making profits due to their wise purchases. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Researve | Instagram

The reserve’s team has a collective purpose of ensuring they maintain the highest trust and professional levels in the business. They have helped hundreds of thousands of individual make crucial decisions about platinum, silver and gold over the years.

This has been achieved by earning a client’s trust before doing business. To date, thanks to the relationships built with their clients and their team of professionals, U.S. Money Reserve has served more than 400,000 people.

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Dr. Saad Saad Brings Innovation To The World Of Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Saad Saad is a prominent surgeon who has performed countless complex pediatric operations during his long and storied career. It has always been the way of Dr. Saad to make the best use of all available tools to him while also working to discover new and innovative ways to improve pediatric surgical techniques and procedures.


Dr. Saad has developed many innovative additions to the world of pediatric surgery and has performed in his chosen craft in the United States and abroad. Dr. Saad has patented two inventions in his life that have greatly improved pediatric surgical procedures.


Catheter Outfitted With Electromagnetic ID Device


Medical catheters are inserted into the body and used to aid with medical treatments and surgical procedures. Catheters can be used to provide better access to instruments used to perform surgeries, drain fluids and gases from the body, and other vital functions.


The positioning of a catheter when being used to perform medical procedures is of utmost importance and it is common for X-rays to be used to determine the exact point of insertion. This can be problematic due to the health risks posed by repeated exposure to radiation resulting from multiple X-rays. MRIs can also be used for this purpose but the machines are bulky and stationary which make them impractical to use.



Dr. Saad Saad came up with the perfect solution. The device Dr. Saad created is capable of locating the catheter without a scan of any kind needing to be taken of the body. Dr. Saad’s catheter uses electromagnetic energy to identify the exact location of the catheter in the body.


The tip of the catheter designed by Dr. Saad comes with magnetic material in its coil and the walls of the catheter house two wires. Doctors can use a locating device that communicates with the magnetic material and helps the physician determine the exact location of the catheter.


Endoscope Equipped With Suction And Irrigation Capabilities



The second invention that was patented by Dr. Saad was intended to improve the operational capabilities of the endoscope. The endoscope is a device used to gain a view inside a patient’s body while a surgery or other procedure is being performed.


Liquids produced within the body can clog the lens of the endoscope and make it difficult for the physician to gain the view he needs to complete a procedure. Dr. Saad has remedied this issue by converting the anti-fog port of the device to a mechanism that provides irrigation and suction of the lens. In this way, doctors do not have to stop a procedure to withdraw the endoscope from the patient, clean it manually, and then reinsert the device. Learn more:

Mina Ebrahimi Took a Palatable Passion to a Successful Business

Giving back, whether it’s to her employees, the community, or the fabulous foods she so passionately prepares; Mina Ebrahimi is a role model for women entrepreneurs. Mina took a passion for cooking and turned it into a successful full service catering business.

Mina’s passion for cooking and delivering delicious delicacies began at an early age. At eleven Mina began working in her parent’s bakery, located in Seven Corners, VA. It was there that she honed in on more than her cooking talents, she learned the value of impeccable customer service, a skill that has become the cornerstone of her business. Mina continued to run her parents business Saint Germain Café until the young age of 26 when she then branched out and began her own catering business, Saint Germain Catering, located in Vienna, VA.

Saint Germain Catering launched specializing in corporate catering, weddings and special events. Mina’s commitment to customer service and fine foods allowed her to quickly transform Saint Germain into a full service catering business, now employing 32 full time staff. The rapid expansion of her business is a testimony of her dedication to her staff and her customers.

Whether looking to cater a small lunch or a dazzling ballroom banquet Saint Germain Catering has been the premier catering company for locals. Mina has been recognized for her commitment and smart business ethics receiving a number of awards including The Enterprise Women of the Year Award and The Washington Business Journal’s Prestigious “Top 40 under 40” Annual List.

Over the years catering companies have opened and closed while Saint Germain continues to build its business. In addition to recruiting top talent, Mina has been intentional in her strategy to grow Saint Germain through one site rather than multiple locations. Mina has proven to be a successful businesswoman in what often times can be a very challenging industry. She is a true testament to what dedication and hard work can accomplish.

For those who are not near Saint Germain, check out their blog where Mina and her team share their tips and tricks for fabulous meals and entertaining.

Fortress Investment Group: Getting Stronger After the Recession

The United States and other developed countries experienced a great economic recession that lasted for two years, from 2008 to 2009. Companies in the United States are the most affected because their value decreased and they lost a lot of investments. However, one company stood out during the recession because they managed to get through it, and their assets even increased during the times when most of the companies are experiencing losses. The Fortress Investment Group managed to receive excessive attention after the company stated that they never felt anything negative during the economic recession of the year 2008 to 2009. They even claimed that they are prepared whenever a recession strikes, and when the real problem began, they knew what to do because they have already readied themselves. The Fortress Investment Group was conceived by three entrepreneurs – Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. These three gentlemen had the idea of creating an investment firm during the late 1990s because they wanted to earn more money. They have seen how the BlackRock Financial Management Inc. earned so much money in only a short period, and they wanted to emulate the success of the company they have worked for in the past.

The investment firm opened its doors for investors in 1998, and nine years later, they offered the company to the public, allowing them to buy corporate shares and trade them off whenever they please. The Fortress Investment Group back in the year 2007 is considered as the largest private equity firm to be traded publicly, and they stated that it is an honor that many people wanted to buy their stocks because they see the company’s potential. Almost 8% of the company, or around $600 million in value, was given to the public for trading. Today, the decision of the founders to offer the company at the stock market is considered as one of the best decisions that they have ever made because they are earning a lot of money from the fluctuation of the market and many clients are looking out for them with the goal of investing using their platform.

The company has proven so many times that they are one of the best investment companies in the world. They are ready to help those who have encountered financial challenges, like the organizers of the Winter Olympic Games which was held in Vancouver in 2010. The Fortress Investment Group is one of the financial donors of the Olympic Village, and they helped the organizers build the place where most of the athletes would stay because they wanted the Olympic Village to become one of the company’s legacies. After the original financier of the project backed out, the organizers of the games looked for a firm that could help them with the funding in the least amount of time possible. The Fortress Investment Group is one of those who volunteered to build the Olympic Village, and after the games, the structures were donated to them as a token of gratitude. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager