Desiree Perez Sets Out to Redefine Tidal

The entertainment industry is big business and now thanks to the new technology, things are getting just started. At the height of music entertainment business is streaming services. Despite the industry being a million dollar business, Tidal as a company has nothing to show for it. However, thanks to new management and dedication of Desiree Perez, things are about to turn around.

Tidal is a music streaming service that owned by Jay-Z, related article on   Over the past years, things have not been all smooth for the company with management changing guard so often. This situation has merely made the once famous rap service merely struggle for survival in the industry. Unlike most people’s expectations, this has not made the founder, Jay-Z, hang up his boots, but rather helped him up his game for the sake of his investment and this he has done by seeking the help of Desiree Perez.

Perez needs no introduction. In a male dominated music industry, Perez has the zeal and determination to turn Tidal in their favor. One of the things Perez understands and appreciates in her role as the Tidal CEO is that customers are important to the business growth, check this on By doing what she does best, Perez has been able to get Tidal app users curious by negotiating and signing artists and making the business look quite easy.

Perez is a reputable executive running her own business. Her innate skills include negotiation and leadership skills. She also has a good background in accounting. Perez is married to the famous OG Juan Perez of Rock Nation Sports. More info here on

Great updates here.

Well, Perez achievement speaks volumes about herself; however, the proof of the pudding is in Tidal Music. With her at the helm of Tidal there is nothing stopping them for greatness in this multimillion music streaming industry.

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Wengie Talks About Edible School Supplies

Wengie teaches us a recipe for making edible crayons with gelatin and your favorite jelly. She also has a  recipe for making edible pencil shavings. Take a Brazil nut and carve it into the shape of a pencil and the use a little pencil sharpener to make the shavings.


Wengie has an idea for making erasable pens edible by replacing the with musk sticks. You can also dig out the eraser from a pencil and replace it with grape Bubba Gum. Wengie takes a food coloring pen and decorates it like a Sharpie marker. See this video and join in the fun.

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New Lips Care for a New Generation

EOS is a brand that speaks to the fashion of a generation. With the slick well-integrated marketing shining a light on the generation’s most influential figures with the product in hand it isn’t hard to see why this cute little product began its domination of the market from the well established lip care giants. And honestly who wouldn’t love this little beauty ball?

From the spherical design to the outstanding Facebook buzz flavors there is little doubt the goal was not to create buzz around this industry changing the design, I mean look at them their eye-catching in the field of bland tubes that surround it. Throw it in the hands of celebrates and you have nothing but success written out for the product. But the success cannot be completely given over to the celebrity endorsement. On its own, the EOS lip balm product stands out as unique and different enough to appeal to a generation that desires to stand out and be an individual. In the stagnant lip care world, there was little difference between company x and company y other than “active ingredients” or maybe the word “new”. EOS gave a new option to the standard tube that would not be ignored.

But the desire to appeal to the female millennial looking to stand out and stand apart cannot be dismissed. It is a large and growing industry that craves something new something fresh which was the niche space the creators needed to slip the product into the pockets of lip care enthusiasts everywhere.

It is not hard to see why this product not only blew up but continues to sell unit after unit to this lip chapped world. With an ever-expanding catalog of favors and sphere design, there is little chance of slowing this products momentum down anytime soon. For more info, visit



Women have thrived in the political scenes, and their efforts have changed the political field positively. Andrea McWilliams’ is one of the women at the top of the game in Texas. In 2009, she was named as the top lobbyist by Austin Business Journal. She is famous for her lobbying efforts and political strategies in Texas where she was raised. Andrea McWilliams’ graduated from Brown University with Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. Her political involvement started at her tender age of 12 when she became a chief of staff. The experience and the talent she got led to the foundation of McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants, a full-service firm on government affairs.

Dean McWilliams, Andrea McWilliams’ husband, is also a co-founder of the firm. They work together to form an alliance trustworthy at local, state, and national level having worked in and around the Texas Legislature. They craft policy in legislative on behalf of their clients to bring victory and satisfaction, and their work is recognized nationally. National media reported that Andrea McWilliams’ was the leading political fundraiser.

Andrea’s passion for helping the under-served community has made her engage in philanthropic activities. She is a member of St. David’s Toast, Long Centre Notable Women, and chair of the Mamma Jamma ride that has raised millions of dollars to serve women with breast cancer. Andrea has also supported Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and KillCancer. Andrea McWilliams’, in partnership with Austin Business Journal, inspires cancer patients and mentor young businesswomen in central Texas.

Apart from Andrea McWilliams’ being the board member of Preservation Austin, Ballet Austin, and the Pease Park Conservancy, she has been on the front line to chair activities of young learner

s to nurture their talents like the marathon kids gala. Her devotion was recognized by Girls Scouts of Central Texas and given an award of ‘woman of distinction.’ In 2012, Andrea was also awarded ‘Austin under 40′ and ‘profiles of power’ by Austin Business Journal. Surely she is a woman of distinction.


The Meriwether Group and the Best of the Entrepreneurs

Sawyer Howitt and his father’s company, The Meriwether Group, seek to help all businesses grow in numerous areas such as through offering funds, exit strategies, acceleration and overall support.

The 12-person group was founded by David Howitt and continues to help entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to fully realize their potential and to act upon it in a timely manner, offering numerous resources and proven methods for realized success throughout the process. According to The Meriwether Group, entrepreneurs are society’s modern-day heroes because they risk all to win all, and they’re more than willing to go where few have ever dared. In fact, each member of the team is an entrepreneur and knows the process both inside and out.

Each Member – A Breakdown of This 12-Member Team

Apart from Founder and Chief Executive Officer David Howitt, each member must consistently perform according to standards in order for the operation to flow smoothly and efficiently. What do the other 11 members do? First of all, Sawyer Howitt-son of David Howitt-acts as Project Manager. It’s a team effort with a family spirit. Next in line, the team has numerous principals, family office assistants and managing directors.

View Sawyer Howitt’s resume >>

Sawyer? No Ordinary Young Man?

Sawyer Howitt is exceptionally special for his young age. A skilled racquetball player on the weekends, he devotes both his athletic and academic talents to helping businesses thrive. Sawyer Howitt also regularly take photographs and contributes to philanthropy.

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Todd Lubar Creates Opportunity

Todd Lubar is not only a lender or a company owner. He is an entrepreneur but he is also so much more than that. He has set out to try new things and to be able to offer new things to all of the people who would not normally be able to qualify for a loan through a bank or some other type of lender. He is more than an angel investor and, instead, is someone who is able to help people out when they are in bad situations. It is a great option that he has for people who want to be able to get more money and who do not have the means to access it at that time. He takes huge risks with these people but he also recognizes that the risks generally pay off in the long run so that he will be able to do more with the options that he has and the abilities that they have to get more out of their own options.

When it comes to the loans that he makes, he does so with the intention of helping people get back to where they need to be. Todd Lubar understands that people may fall on hard times and he also understands that most people are good and just need to have some type of help to get the options that they want. It is a great way for him to make money but he does it so that he can help people.

With his financial history working with businesses that were all closely related to lending companies, Todd Lubar is no stranger to loans and the process that people have to go through to be able to get a loan. Todd knows that many people are just looking for some extra cash and that they do have the ability to pay it back when it comes time for them to do so. Because of the way that the Legendary Investments company works, Todd is able to work with people who wouldn’t normally be able to get any type of loan.

About Todd Lubar:

Where Do We Find Cassio Audi

The Brazilian investment management industry has evolved in the last couple of years. This market revolves around management of Brazilian hedge, fixed income, and equity investment funds. One of the top investment management company is BTG Pactual.

Top investment management firm in Brazil

BTG Pactual is committed to providing administrative services as well as managing portfolios and investment funds. BTG Pactual has a consolidated track record that dates back three decades ago. BTG Pactual prides itself of its organized asset management division that deals in Latin America and Global Asset Management. It also specializes in merchant banking and fiduciary administration. This firm works with independent managers and provides fund management services to them. BTG Pactual manages about R$ 135.6 billion assets and is considered one of the largest companies in Brazil. Additionally, this enterprise deals in risk management and internal control.

About Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a financial executive from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Audi is action oriented, open, hands-on, and straightforward when it comes to executing his duties. Cassio Audi is fluent English and Spanish. Audi has worked in the U.S. and Brazil. He has more than two decades of professional experience working for private and public companies. Audi is skilled in:

• Modeling, business planning, and Analysis

• Financial and accounting management

• Decision and controllership support

• Resource management

• Strategy development

Audi is a proud alumnus of the University of Sao Paulo. He was the managing director of GVMI, a private equity firm with operations in the U.S. and Brazil. Audi also worked for Rossi Commercial Properties as an investment officer and later as the company’s CFO. Some of the other companies that he has worked for include JP Morgan Chase, Dow Chemical Company, Brookfield Brazil Real Estate Partners Inc., and Gillette.

James Dondero’s Success In the Financial Industry

James Dondero has had an amazing career history filled with achievements and great milestones. His colleagues and industry experts have heaped praises to his outstanding financial knowledge. The executive leader has worked hard to ensure that he succeeds in all areas that he focuses on. To date, James continues to develop world-class products that satisfies the utility of its clients.

James Dondero is the president of the renowned Highland Capital Management, an asset management firm, which is based in Dallas, Texas. As the co-founder of the company, James has played an instrumental role in its growth by providing visionary leadership and innovative business strategies. To this end, the firm has developed a wide range of both retail and institutional products.

With over three decades of experience in the industry, Mr. Dondero has been involved in the development of several business solutions. Most of these products are in the credit and equity market. His most famed product is the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). The product has revolutionized how financial institutions offer loans to firms and businesses.

His outstanding leadership skills have enhanced the profitability margins of the company. Over the years, the firm has received several awards and accolades. Some of them include Morningstar’s award that ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund as position one, and the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities. The company was also the recipient of Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation.

Previously, James Dondero worked for GIC, a subsidiary of the Protective Life, as the chief investment officer. In this position, he was responsible for the growth of the company. He managed to build the company from being a startup to a mega enterprise valued at more than $2 billion. James achieved this success within a span of five years. Formerly, he worked for the American Express where he managed over $1 billion in fixed income funds. He continues to provide people with different investment tips. James seeks to help his clients to make higher returns from their investments. In addition, the financial expert sits on the boards of American Banknote, MGM Studios NexBank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. James’ insights has played an integral role in the success of these companies.

A Closer Look at Dr. Avi Wesifogel’s Career

Avis’s career

Dr. Avi Weisfogel was a dentist when he was starting his career. He had his dental office in New Jersey. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Biology from the University of Rutgers. Avi later did his bachelor’s degree in dentistry from the University of New York. Avi Weisfogel has received several awards during his career as a dentist. Additionally, he studied Masters in Dental Sleep. After that, Avi established Dental Sleep Masters to educate people on the benefits of treating sleep disorders. Dr. Weisfogel has over 15 years’ experience in the field of sleep disorders.

Dr. Weisfogel is the founder of the Healthy Heart Sleep Foundation that aims at assisting other doctors to learn on how to handle sleep conditions. Weisfogel founded the Foundation over a five-year period. He is also the founder of the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients, which was established three years ago to lecture other doctors on all conditions related to sleep apnea. Dr. Avi has treated several patients with sleep disorders over the years of his practice. Dr. Weisfogel enjoys hobbies like music and football. Additionally, he has been involved in philanthropic activities as well as campaigns in the United States to encourage healthy living.

Dr. Avi launches a go-fund-me-campaign

Weisfogel is a family man, with six children. His interest is particularly in helping children dealing with dental issues all over the world. Weisfogel believes that kids deserve the best access to dental health care. That explains Avi’s devotion towards supporting the Operation Smile organization. The organization was established in the early 1980’s by a nurse and a doctor. Their main aim at first was to assist children in the Philippines. However, the charity organization has grown over the years, and it assists children living in over 80 countries across the globe and more information click here.

The Operation Smile organization works with adults and children with facial deformities like cleft lips. As a result of his believe in assisting this organization; Dr. Avi has launched a Go Fund Me Campaign. Avi hopes to raise $2,000 to donate to the Operation Smile organization. Avi believes in this cause, and he hopes to bring in more individuals to help the charity organization in its medical missions around the globe.

HBO’s Prize Winning Programming


HBO has long been home to the best long-form entertainment in the world of media. Years ago it was work like ‘The Wire’ or ‘Deadwood’ that won so many critics over. Since then HBO has built upon their foundation in order to become THE place to go for high quality entertainment. Now we are in 2017 and current HBO Go shows are looking like they are going to have the best year in their programming history thanks to two huge shows: ‘Westworld’ and ‘Game of Thrones’. Both of these series are pulling in critical recognition like crazy while revolutionizing the way that viewers look at television programming. Let’s take a look at WHY these shows are so important.


‘Game of Thrones’ and the Art of Fantasy

‘Game of Thrones’ is one of the rare pieces of written fiction that has been elevated on the TV stage. The ‘Game of Thrones’ show runners have turned one of the most beloved fantasy series into one of the greatest fantasy TV shows of all time. ‘Game of Thrones’ is ramping up for its final two years on TV and that means that a ton of questions are going to be answered. Fans are going to be clamoring for the final season and it is shaping up as the best yet.  When you run out of show, there are tons of books like Game of Thrones out there too, if you’re interested in more fantasy.


‘Westworld’ and the Art of SciFi

On the other hand, diametrically opposed to ‘Game of Thrones’, is ‘Westworld’. ‘Westworld’ is another slow-burning series that puts a focus on high art, amazing dialogue, and incredible tension. The second season of ‘Westworld’ will build off of an explosive first entry. Fans are already counting down to the second series.