Ryan Seacrest: A Household Name

It has been said that Ryan Seacrest is the busiest man in the entertainment industry, and the facts back it up. In addition to his roles as co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan, and host of his own radio show, Seacrest is also a television producer, men’s clothing designer, and a philanthropist. So how does he manage to do all of these things and still stay in shape?

Ryan Seacrest, 43, has a learned how to incorporate healthy activities into his active lifestyle through trial and error. At one time when his schedule allowed for it, he would go to the gym in the middle of the day because that was when he had the time, but he felt guilty about working out when everyone else was working for a living, so he didn’t tell anyone. But his feelings about that have changed, and now he works out when it best fits into his schedule. One of Ryan Seacrest’s latest workout activities was working with a boxing coach. Seacrest has also been able to take a personal trainer along when he was on location for Live with Kelly and Ryan. In addition, he has figured out how to fit his workouts into his New York City routine. Running in the park is a favorite, and he also uses a Peloton bike before he goes to work.

Keeping fit and being healthy is not just about working out, and Ryan Seacrest understands that. He says these days he is mostly a vegan. Seacrest claims to work so that he can enjoy food and wine, and on the weekends loves to spend time eating family style meals.

Ryan Seacrest gained celebrity status when hosting American Idol. Now a household name, Ryan Seacrest produces Keeping Up With the Khardashians, created Distinction a clothing line for men, and founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which provides children in pediatric hospitals with a variety creative outlets.

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