Securus Technologies Builds Drone Detection and Prevention System

American inmates are starting to contact outsiders to help deliver various contraband by the use of drones. There were many sightings of these drones flying around prison zones and reports made by U.S. corrections officials that had actual evidence of drones being used to smuggle in drugs, paraphernalia, weapons and cellphones. Using drones as a delivery system is now a becoming a consideration for some major retailers in the U.S., but the idea of dangerous individuals using it to help bring weapons inside our prisons is daunting. All of this will hopefully come to an end because a new technology is now available for officers to help counter drone smuggling.


The Texas-based Securus Technologies had recently created a drone detection system that uses a powerful digital antennae structure that is extremely effective. The company has worked side by side with their technology partners for over 18 months to test and develop this technology. They have already launched active pilot programs that utilize drone detection technology across many U.S. prisons. This will help bring to light new methods and tactics for the drone detection so the Securus team can perfect this new technology as soon as possible.


On February 23, 2018, the annual Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service took place at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada and Securus Technologies took home a total of three highly coveted awards at this year’s event. The tech solutions company won a Gold for “Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year” and Ms. Zelperita Jackson won a Silver for “Customer Service Professional of the Year.” The Stevie Awards honor and recognize thousands of organizations of every industry from around the world. The senior vice president of operations at Securus, Danny de Hoyos, congratulated his customer service team for their recent winnings.


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