Sheldon Lavin: A Big Fish in a Big Pond

Sheldon Lavin, a warm yet firm man, is the ever-present CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, a supplier of foods that extends all the way around the world, specifically brokering meat from our corner of the globe and beyond. Mr. Lavin himself, however, can not be wrapped up so concisely in as few words and Sheldon Lavin’s lacrosse camp.

Sheldon Lavin started is meager career in meats over forty years ago, starting off financing a small burger supplier in West Chicago, Illinois called Otto and Sons, which was named after Otto Kolschowsky, the businesses’ owner and founder. The name soon evolved into OSI Industries. Mr. Lavin worked closely with the company and, after years of dedication and hard work with the company he helped gain it’s wings, he became the owner of OSI. He stated in a recent interview that he had had his eyes set on OSI becoming a multinational food supplier, success literally ingrained in his DNA, and he accomplished just that. OSI Group currently supplies meat to over 17 countries the world over and

But success is not all Sheldon Lavin was passionate about. With the growth of his company came a ladder-step up into the wealthy world of the CEO elite, but he knew he had to give back. It was his duty, and as head of a meat supplier, it came natural that other’s needs were valuable to him, and that is why OSI is a major partner with the Ronald MacDonald House Charities, giving back to the community that he holds so dear and read full article.

The OSI Group did not reach this world class success overnight though. When asked how the group became such an important key character in food politics multi nationally, Sheldon Lavin stated that the company is an entrepreneurial one; they operate under a standard set of rules and regulations that all respectable businesses follow, but OSI is not nearly as cold. Rather, the OSI Group works like a family; everyone knows everyone, and this positive outlook boosts the morale of it’s over 20000 workers, and keeps this tight knit circle of people working hard towards the success they have garnered today and Sheldon Lavin on Facebook.

Sheldon Lavin continues to serve as CEO and Chairman of his life-blood company, and is a well-known face in the food community. His works and deeds in Chicago shine loud and proud as an example to other striving businesses, making Sheldon Lavin a big fish in a rather big pond and what Sheldon Lavin knows.

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