Louis Chenevert Business Objectives

In 2008, Louis Chenevert was given the job of President and CEO, becoming a leader of United Technologies Corporation. He became chairman of that company in 2010, becoming even more involved in leading it. He stayed with the company until 2014, the year that he chose to retire. Mr. Chenevert came to UTC with a degree in production management and with many years of experience working with various businesses. He gave to UTC and had a positive influence on the company.

When Louis Chenevert started working for United Technologies Corporation, he knew that the company was in need of new innovations, that it needed to start doing new things. He put his time and effort into helping the company grow and become better, and he really made a difference through the work that he did. He helped the company make acquisitions that really changed up its portfolio and that made the company stronger.

To bring his ideas to life while he was working at UTC, Louis Chenevert focused on creating small teams that could handle various jobs. He also focused on making sure that those who were working for the company had all of the resources that they needed to handle the jobs that were given to them. He also helped his ideas come to life by following up with an intense review of what was going on to make sure that the objectives that he had were coming about.

Louis Chenevert has shared some of the things that helped him to do well for UTC and overall, in his life in general. He believes that it is important for a person to be focused on what they are doing. He believes in thinking openly. Mr. Chenevert believes that a person should be ready to remove the roadblocks that are in their way.