The Bluetooth beacon invention is a significant ingredient in the Information of Technology. It allows communication of objects to each other as well as to people. A beacon is a device that collects and gives information. With the latest developments, these beacons have been reduced in size that is sensor-embedded and can be placed on almost anything. This new device has vast implications in the airline sphere making it an essential element in the airlines.

Jason Hope, a futurist and a technology investor, shares how IoT has improved air travel. He starts with safety giving an example of Boeing 787s of Virgin Atlantic. The plane’s wireless connection from nose to rudder enables continuous collection and analyzing of real-time data like timed maintenance. The technology has also assisted in the customer service experience like easier check-ins. Airlines issuing boarding passes through emails and assigning seats a day before takeoff.

It will act as a guide in your journey in that if you happen to wander in the opposite direction in an airport, the sensor will register this and convey the correct direction and the walk time estimation via a mobile phone or a wearable device. This technological advancement will have seat sensors that monitor traveler’s enjoyment by detecting unusual temperatures, low levels of hydration, and fatigue leaving the cabin crews to make necessary corrections.

The Beacon technology will allow passengers to maintain a virtual eye on their luggage from the check-in to the final point of destination. It will also save money spent on fuel and helped the environment using the technology invented by GE Aviation. Jason Hope, together with other like-minded analysts trusts that these technological advancements will change traveling from a stressful expedition to a luxurious experience.

Jason Hope is also a philanthropist and is looking at assisting people by reversing the process of aging or slowing it down enabling them to live longer. He has helped by funding non-profit organizations that are researching the methods healthcare associations can deal with the effects of aging. He has been financially aiding a charitable organization by the name SENS Foundation.

He initially started funding the research organization in December 2010 by donating $500,000 in an announcement he made in a Breakthrough Philanthropy event in the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Jason Hope encourages everybody despite their income levels to look for ways of supporting charitable causes. He suggests getting assistance from friends and also respected members of the community. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000