The Growth of the leading brands in the Mexican Mass Media Market

     The media in Mexico has taken the time to mature as an industry, and the output of this growth is now characterized by a more liberal and open media. Avenues of reaching the masses have expanded as radio, newspapers, and magazines continue to increase coupled with online tabloids.

In Mexico, the television landscape is dominated by Televisa and TV Azteca, the two giants whose parallel competition for the mass media market has been far reaching and runs for decades.

Televisa, has to a great extent made a niche not only in Mexico but also globally, especially with the soaps produced by its subsidiaries video cine (Movie production and distribution)and global gate Entertainment. Televisa, a company of Grupo Televisa, is among the oldest media establishments in Mexico having begun operations in 1955.

Salvi Tafel Folch Viadero is the Director and Chief Financial Officer of GroupoTelevisa is one of the longest serving executives of the company. Mr. Viadero has held this position since 2002 and his experience and understanding of the media industry in Mexico is very enlightening. Managing a brand that leads in the Spanish speaking world is a heavy responsibility and Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has what it takes to run this institution.

Televisa’s main competitor at the top is TV Azteca, owned by Grupo Salinas. TV Azteca TV Azteca was funded in 1993 by Ricardo Salinas Pliego.

Newspapers are also widely consumed in Mexico and there are quite a number of top-ranking newspapers. El Universal, which began in 1916 stands as a highly influential player in the newspaper section. Today, it is also available as El Universal Online, thus increasing its circulation and reach. Other highly influential newspapers include Reform, La Jordana, Milenio and La Presena which boasts of a wide circulation.

In radio, Radio Centro as the leading broadcaster running 20 production studios and making most of its programs in house.players competing for listeners include Televisa Radio, also from Grupo Televisa.

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