The Kabbalah Centre Seeks to Enlighten Many with a New Spiritual Outlook on Life

Kabbalah is a teaching that is said to be discussed in the Old Testament with the stories of Moses often interpreted by teachers of this form of religion as being coded messages about his journey into the scriptures that form the basis of this religious belief.

Throughout history Jewish teachers have come together to learn as much as possible about Kabbalah, but they have also hidden many of their findings and the Zohar series of scriptures away from the members of their faith. Many Rabbi’s have refused to teach anybody who is not a male over the age of 40 as these scriptures were seen as so difficult and complex that they would be too much for many to understand.

The Kabbalah Centre takes a different approach to the teaching of this form of spirituality by opening up the teachings to as many different people as possible regardless of gender, age, or creed. The teachings held in the Zohar have been translated and adapted for the modern world by a series of teachers starting in the late 19th century that has led to the establishment of the Kabbalah Centre after the main work to create the group was completed by the late Rabbi Philip Berg.

Unlike many members of the Jewish faith, the teachers of the Kabbalah Centre believe the right to explore the inner workings of the universe and find the light of universal wisdom should be open to all. The teachings provided by the Kabbalah Centre teachers are designed to be seen in a way that is open to all students of any faith and can be adapted to fit into the belief system of any religion; the universal wisdom held in Kabbalah is said to be the root from which all major religions have grown, in the view of the Kabbalah Centre teachings.

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