The Refugee Crisis Focuses The Attention Of The World On Avaaz

The Avaaz activist group has become one of the most impressive in the global activist community with a growing list of members based on the fact the Online membership group has become a key part of the battle to develop a positive response towards the European Union’s refugee crisis. Avaaz has been fighting on a number of fronts to publicize the fact the crisis is ongoing and still needs to be addressed on a major basis by politicians from across the planet.

Among the campaigns undertaken by the Avaaz group have been a number focused on the refugee crisis sweeping across Europe, including making people aware of the human face of the crisis in countries including the U.K. and Germany. Avaaz highlighted the work of male refugees in Germany who responded to a series of attacks on women by handing out flowers to females on the streets of many German towns and cities; many female members of Avaaz in Germany responded to the attention created by Avaaz Online by taking to the streets in solidarity to the racism facing male refugees at the start of 2017.

The majority of the work completed by Avaaz is based in Online activism with a focus on the development of Online petitions and YouTube videos designed to bring pressure on media outlets and government agencies affected by individual issues. The European refugee crisis has been a campaign undertaken by Avaaz for a number of years with a 2016 campaign allowing more than 65,000 individual messages to European Ministers to continue the migration of Syrian refugees across European from Poland to Spain.

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