With Impressive Reach in Schools, ClassDojo Seeks to Expand Through Monetizing

For more than five years ClassDojo has found it’s way into actual classrooms throughout the world. The collection of apps and supplemental materialhave become commonplace in more than two-thirds of US schools, and now the company is seeking ways to capitalize on that success.


ClassDojo’s app rocketed to its position of popularity by taking aspects of social media sites and services, allowing teachers to reward students’ conduct through stars and take snippets of their daily school lives that could then be shared with their parents. And that open channel of communication between parents and teachers has made it a perfect fit for personal application. Without placing a demand on school resources, which typically are lacking around the US, teachers and parents can access the app from their mobile devices and engage in parent-teacher conferences as they are most needed.


With the level of comfort users now have with the app, ClassDojo is exploring its monetizing options. The company is looking to compliment their app and attach their brand to educational materials that may undersell legacy media servicing schools.


According to Liam Don, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of ClassDojo, video and software schools purchase run them hundreds of thousands of dollars to receive physical materials. By simply removing that requirement, and moving educational materials to digital platforms, ClassDojo can reduce the cost of similar products by wide margins.


In a partnership with Stanford University, ClassDojo produced a series of videos that have already been seen by 15 million students. Following this success, Harvard University joined in on the venture to produce a second set of videos. The plan is for ClassDojo to begin releasing these materials on a regular basis, providing students with new content weekly.


ClassDojo seems to have a handle on how it will increase profits through revenue, but the company is in no rush to get there. Both founders and investors say that they’re committed supporting their users with the content that made them so receptive to the app in the first place.


About ClassDojo:


Founded by Sam Chaundhary and Liam Don, ClassDojo has provided schools and parents communications tools since 2011. It has made communication between parents and teachers throughout the school year.


With five years of operation, ClassDojo has raised more than $31 million dollars in funding. Following its notoriety in the US, the company has gone international with its app and supplemental materials, presenting their brand in several languages.


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