The Best Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort

For individuals, family members, couples, and even friends that are looking for a quality vacation in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, the Squaw Valley ski Resort is a great recommendation that consists of many activities that are combined with beautiful views and countless friendly faces to see while visiting the resort on For individuals that have heard of this resort or that have seen pictures of this resort, it is guaranteed that those who visit this resort will not leave the Squaw Valley Ski Resort without some of the fondest memories of the excellent time they had while visiting.

The current CEO and the President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort is an individual known as Andy Wirth, an expert within the mountain resort industry as well as an individual with a passion for exploring nature. As the CEO of this ski resort, Andy Wirth has stated that he has explored every inch of his property and knows exactly what wonders and what beauty his ski resort can offer to the visitors. Andy Wirth was appointed to this position by the owner herself who is a member of the Cushing family, the family that has had this resort in the family for over 70 years.

What makes this ski resort so unique is the fact that this ski resort has activities throughout the year whether it be summer or winter. For winter enthusiasts, this ski resort offers excellent ski slopes to tryout and offers vast land to explore that is covered by soft snow. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort has over 6,000 acres of land available for exploring which means that the visitors will never be bored with nothing to do while on vacation at this resort.

Not only are there winter activities, but there are also countless summer activities that are offered to the visitors of this resort. One of the most recommended places to visit in the summer is the Tahoe Lake, a lake that is considered to be the jewel of the United States. With clear and deep waters, Andy Wirth and his team make sure that there is no trace left behind of trash or anything that can be detrimental to the beauty and the cleanliness of the take that is treasured by many.

White Shark Media Takes Digital Marketing to a New Level

If you are looking for a leader in the digital marketing world then White Shark Media is the place to go. The company began not too long ago back in the year 2011, and it has grown by leaps and bounds since then. After working with this company it is no shock to find out that they have been listed as one of the 10 fastest growing companies in Miami by Inc. 5000 and is listed here:

When they decided to start the business White Shark Media’s goal was to deliver world-class marketing for their clients. This goal has been realized, and they go above and beyond those expectations.

When new marketing hits the scene and problems arise White Shark Media does not run and hide. They are there every step of the way. They are constantly working to keep up with new marketing tools in the digital world. The professionals at White Shark Media Review team never skip a beat when it comes to helping clients update AdWords Interface to helping those just starting a business learn to use the tools of the trade.

The fee for the services provided by White Shark Media is cost-effective, and worth it in the long run. Marketing is an essential part of running any successful business, and the digital world is no different.

With the professional help of White Shark Media a starting business can become a booming business in just a short time, and that really is the goal. They are there to help take the confusion out of marketing as new technology and search engines pop up every day.

Some of the services that White Shark Media provides to customers in pay per click management include a free evaluation of the risk in AdWords. They also help with a new local website and help to set up AdWords. The professionals at White Shark Media use click-to-call and call tracking to help manage the local AdWords for the client.


The help and services do not stop there as they also help with Google Shopping campaigns and Google Analytics. Any business owner knows that search engines are the key to potential customers and White Shark Media has them covered.

The proof really is in the customer satisfaction. To read how other client’s feel about the services provided by White Shark Media take a look at some of customers testimonials here:

Las Vegas Has Heroes Such As Goettl, Sunny And Phoenix Air

It is always great to hear about a good deed. There is too many bad news stories on television and online today that when someone does a good thing we should make it as important to announce as the bad news was. When one individual or company saves another person’s life, it is very important to report this as soon and as much as possible. Phoenix Air conditioning and The Sunny Plumber recently helped a 94-year-old female survive the heat of the Nevada Summer. They did this good deed without thinking of themselves. They went into Jean Jackson’s one bedroom mobile home and began to rewire the house for a split system. This split system will heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Why did they do this for Ms. Jackson? Because they could and because they should!

Goettl got wind of a little old lady that was suffering the full blunt of the summer heat after her air conditioner went down. People that live on a fixed income do not fair very good when they have situations like this. She did not know what she was going to do when her units died. Everyone began suggesting that she moved into a facility. This would mean that she was leaving all of her life behind her in that one bedroom trailer. She was scared of having a heat stroke but she did not want to live in a nursing facility either.

The Phoenix Air and Sunny Plumbers are remarkable individuals. They heard about Ms. Jackson’s issues and problems and without batting an eye they put the wheels in motion to help. Social Services gave a list of individuals that needed help. Goettl Air Conditioning made sure that as many people as they could help would get help with the $14,000 dollars they had. It would be nice if many other people could help someone too. Summer and winter are especially difficult for the elderly. Living on a budget can cause anyone to do without. It is wonderful when someone comes along that will lend a helping hand so that another person will not have to suffer. Phoenix, Goetti, and Sunny are all very grateful to have been given the resources and opportunity to do this good deed. Check out the article in the Las Vegas Informer and read about these individuals on U-tube and LinkedIn. You can help someone stay cool by donating cash or by donating your time to do repairs as well.


Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat

Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief

Silky, Soft, and Totally Smooch-able Lips!

Evolution of Smooth lip balms seem to be everywhere these days! It’s no surprise; Evolution of Smooth (EOS) produces lots of kinds of lip balms that are tailored to fit everyone’s needs. To top it off, they come in adorable egg shaped containers, making them not only beneficial, but super fun to use! See,

Some of EOS lip balm are organic, meaning that they only contain the simplest organic ingredients, such as Shea butter, Jojoba oil, and Vitamin E. You can feel 100% safe when using these products.

Another type of lip balm that EOS lip balm produces is the Visibly Smooth line. These lip balms are made with Vitamin C, an ingredient that helps to soften and smooth the lips. In contrast to the organic lip balms (which come in a solid colored egg shaped container), the Visibly Smooth balms come in pastel colored egg shapes with horizontal white stripes down the sides. This helps the customer to know exactly which type of lip balm they are using. These Visibly Smooth lip balms also come in various flavors. Two very popular ones are Vanilla Mint (in a container that is pastel green with white stripes) and Coconut Milk (in a container that is pastel pink with white stripes).

These two types of lip balms are just a part of the vast array of lip balms that are manufactured and produced by Evolution of Smooth. They are all wonderful products, though each one is tailored to the user’s specific needs. If you happen to have rough, chapped, or overall dry lips, do not hesitate to try their products! For more information on these and other products produced by EOS, check out their website: today! Check out their Facebook page as well.


Duda Melzar Heading the Fastest Growing Company In Brazil Communication Industry

Good governance and effective leadership are key factors that inform global economy. Top investors such as Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer famously known to friends and family as Duda Melzar clearly understand this. That is why he always demands adoption of strong leadership practices.


Duda Melzer is the chair and the president of Grupo RBS, a family media Conglomerate. He is among few leaders who are renowned for bringing out the best from his employees by allowing each member to shine. Despite being a young Chief Executive Officer, Duda Melzar inspires respect from his team through helping them recognize their strengths.  However, Duda Melzar insists that passion alone is not enough to run a successful business; leaders need to execute business activity with clear intent.


Duda Melzer is responsible for overseeing strategic growth plans and day-to-day operations of Grupo RBS. Melzar attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul where he obtained his Business Administration degree. Later, Melzer went to Harvard Business School and earned his MBA.


Initially, Melzer served as general manager at Grupo RBS, where he was overseeing the domestic market division. In 2012, Grupo RBS went through a period of transition that was planned to strengthen the company’s corporate governance and to enhance the quality of its services toward clients. The transition saw Duda Melzar become the Board Chair and President of the company. Currently, the company has about six thousand employees. Further, it is featured as the fastest growing company in Brazil communication industry.


Over the years, Duda Melzer has received numerous awards and industrial recognition for recording exceptional results. In 2015, he was honored with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Moreover, he was nominated to participate in talented entrepreneurs of the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprises.

Goettl Air Conditioning: Business is Booming

Without it, quite frankly, I don’t know what I would do and how I would survive the summer, especially having a furry family of animals. There is one company I know I can count on and trust and that is Goettl Air Conditioning. It all starts at the top, like it does with most companies. They have an owner in Ken Goodrich that does things the right way and truly cares about the customers.

Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation
Right now, it is their busy season, as you would imagine with all of the air conditioners being on, and they are ready, willing, and able to handle and field all of the calls and issues that come their way. They are more than happy to fix them, solve them, and get them done as soon as humanely possible. That wasn’t the way the company used to be when Ken Goodrich purchased it in 2012. They were struggling and they had hit rock bottom. However, Ken Goodrich knows how to turn a business around and he knows the proper way to conduct a business.

I know it can be perceived as a cliche, but I believe it to be true: customer service is important. I know, from my personal experiences, that if I get a bad customer service experience, it usually ruins my experience and I won’t go to them again. I have a good memory and I don’t forget easily. It is even harder to forgive when they don’t care. That is why Ken Goodrich has preached to his staff the importance of customer service and treating the customer like a priority.

When they walk away from that experience, you want them to feel like they had a positive one. They are happy with the work, because even if you have great customer service, if the work isn’t up to par, it doesn’t mean anything. He also wants to feel as though they got a fair and accurate price at the same time. Most of all, they walk away from it, knowing they were encountering nice individuals that took the time to explain things to them, treated their house with respect, and got to work on the job right way and fixed properly.

Learn More:

Court Thwarts Laidlaw & Company’s Attempts to Acquire Relmada Therapeutics

Relmada Technologies recently got a court reprieve after it managed to convince a Nevada court that relentless takeover attempts by Laidlaw and Company, are illegitimate. The two firms have been embroiled in a takeover dispute, which has elicited sharp debate throughout the financial services industry. Relmada is the outright winner in the latest legal battle between the two. The court also warned Messrs. Matthew Eitner and James Ahern from meddling in Relmada’s affairs. The two are top-ranking Laidlaw officials.

The dispute between the firms arose from an attempt by Laidlaw Company to acquire Relmada. The legal fight has seen the firms cut ties with each other. Laidlaw previously served as Relmada’s investment bank. Mr. Eitner and Mr. Ahern are accused of publicizing malicious information related to Relmada’s acquisition by the investment firm.

According to Relmada, the act totally disdains industry regulations. Those who support Laidlaw argue that this is a common business practice, which will be of benefit to Relmada in the long run. However, Relmada’s CEO, Mr. Sergio Traversa is not amused since Laidlaw is an old hand in the industry and therefore, must adhere to all regulations. He however welcomes the restraining order by stating that his firm will now focus on the progression of its product portfolio.

About Laidlaw & Company

This is a major investment firm, which offers its services to individuals, corporations and government agencies. The firm’s longevity in the industry is owed to strict adherence to ethical business practices. It banks on the experience and competence of financial experts who offer judicial services to its clients. Laidlaw & Company has been in existence since 1842, which makes it one of the oldest financial institutions. It has a unique business strategy that includes the use of independent sales offices to market it.

To serve its clients better, it has offices in various parts of the UK and the US. This includes New York, San Francisco, Connecticut, Ft Lauderdale and London. The firm has FINRA and FCA accreditation, which shows that it is eligible to carry out its operations in the Unites States and Europe.


The Life of Compliance Officer; Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is the current Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital LLC. In addition to this, she is one of the members of the company’s Executive Committee. Hall Capital is an institution that has seeks to instill the public confidence in the financial sector and the institutions as a whole. Helane Morrison is described as an assertive and sharp lady who has successfully cultivated a name for herself in the field of compliance in the financial sector. Her level of competence and success in this area is brought about by her experience and time spent working with the U.S Securities Exchange Commission.

While at the SEC, Helane specialized in litigation matters, compliance and enforcement actions against those engaging in securities fraud. In addition to these responsibilities, Helane played a significant role in defending and presenting the SEC in legal issues, government transactions and any business relationships it engaged itself in. She was recommended for the great work she did while at the SEC that involved the prosecution of some of the top and high business companies and executives such as HBO, Hewlett-Packard, and Google. Helane was never afraid of exposing any individuals thought to be participating in securities fraud, and she was applauded for her tireless effort to safeguard the financial sector.

Helane has also practiced law in various law firms such as Howard, Rice, Nemrovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin where she worked as one of the partners. While working at these law firms, she specialized in private securities defense, SEC matters and investigations into corporate affairs.

Helane holds a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University. After seeing that journalism is not what she wanted to specialize in, she proceeded to Berkeley School of Law where she earned her degree in law. I can describe Helane as a committed individual who seeks to ensure that the law is upheld no matter who the individual is or the business. After completing her law degree, Helane worked together with some of the successful judges such as Harry A. Blackmun and Hon. Richard Posner who were in the U.S Court of Appeals.

Hall Capital Partners LLC give one a quick look into the career life of Helane and her professional achievements. Helane still stands to be one of the best compliance officers of our time and her work and accomplishments speak for her.

Makari de Suisse skin care company

Makari de Suisse is an exceptional and unique line of beauty products caring for the skin and hair of women and men. Makari de Suisse have gone to create luxurious lines of products in skin care, hair care, and cosmetics which have been designed to suit the unique and numerous needs of the population. Makari de Suisse products are manufactured in Switzerland; a country that is well known and respected for the high-quality production of goods. After they are made, they undergo intense and thorough scientific and technical scrutiny making sure that the products being released to the market are of good quality.
Makari de Suisse has hence gone on to develop into multicultural skin care brand that enjoys the diverse beauty and emphasizes the best in its customer base. It has gone on to transform the lives of the people around the continents by ensuring that people all over the world have access to products that help enhance their skins. Not only does the Makari de Suisse product help the customers have a radiant skin but has contributed to improving the customers’ self-confidence and success that comes with this effect originates from the positives views on the products by the customers. Makari de Suisse’s main goal is to unlock beauty and help increase the confidence of clients by offering them products that help the customers have smooth and luxurious skins.

Makari de Suisse offers a broad range of products that include exclusive skin lightening creams, exclusive toning milk, Makari pimple drying treatment, duo pack premium, extreme carrot and organ lotion. They help solve a variety of skin problem that includes reducing dark spots, fighting signs of aging, removing acnes scars and repairing damaged skins. The Makari tonic, for example, is used to remove dark spots, to control the sebum activity, close pores, to stimulate the epidermis.
Hence the quality of their products can be proved by the millions of followers of the company products on Facebook and Twitter and also the fantastic reviews of those products.