Adam Milstein’s Stance Against Hatred

It’s sad to say that in today’s world, hatred still has a strong presence. Not many people like talking about all the things wrong with the world. Those who do talk about also stand against it. Every group of peoples on Earth has another group of people shouted hate speech at them.

For the Jewish people, the verbal abuse in a century-long war against hate. There are countless organizations within the United States spreading anti-Israel and Jewish hatred. These organizations infiltrate every level of society. The war even spread into schools. There are still places where Jewish students are physically assaulted with repercussions for their attackers.

This is thanks to Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions groups (also referred to as BDS groups). BDS groups are responsible for the majority of youth hate speech. These groups have deep grassroots on campus and recruit new anti-Israel followers every day.

For many years, BDS groups went unchallenged. They’re highly coordinated, well-funded, and professionally organized. To make matters worse, there are nearly 200 Student for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapters. SJP is the biggest supporter of BDS groups; many using international funds from groups like Palestine Legal.

Thankfully, there are people like Adam Milstein fighting against these groups. Adam Milstein is an Israel-born entrepreneur who’s made a name for himself in the commercial real estate industry. He’s fought for the State of Israel both on and off the battlefield. He’s highly educated and a determined philanthropist.

His primary organization, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, provides a range of charitable services to numerous organizations. Every organization they partner with or support shares their common goals: strengthening the Jewish people, the State of Israel, and U.S. – Israel relations. Adam also supports countless pro-Israel educational programs by hosting fundraisers.

Mr. Milstein’s approach to philanthropy is unique to his situation. He and the Milstein Family Foundation staff are dedicated to investing their time and expertise to the cause. They use all their talents to find and create the perfect engaging messages to inspire others.

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