Women have thrived in the political scenes, and their efforts have changed the political field positively. Andrea McWilliams’ is one of the women at the top of the game in Texas. In 2009, she was named as the top lobbyist by Austin Business Journal. She is famous for her lobbying efforts and political strategies in Texas where she was raised. Andrea McWilliams’ graduated from Brown University with Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. Her political involvement started at her tender age of 12 when she became a chief of staff. The experience and the talent she got led to the foundation of McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants, a full-service firm on government affairs.

Dean McWilliams, Andrea McWilliams’ husband, is also a co-founder of the firm. They work together to form an alliance trustworthy at local, state, and national level having worked in and around the Texas Legislature. They craft policy in legislative on behalf of their clients to bring victory and satisfaction, and their work is recognized nationally. National media reported that Andrea McWilliams’ was the leading political fundraiser.

Andrea’s passion for helping the under-served community has made her engage in philanthropic activities. She is a member of St. David’s Toast, Long Centre Notable Women, and chair of the Mamma Jamma ride that has raised millions of dollars to serve women with breast cancer. Andrea has also supported Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and KillCancer. Andrea McWilliams’, in partnership with Austin Business Journal, inspires cancer patients and mentor young businesswomen in central Texas.

Apart from Andrea McWilliams’ being the board member of Preservation Austin, Ballet Austin, and the Pease Park Conservancy, she has been on the front line to chair activities of young learner

s to nurture their talents like the marathon kids gala. Her devotion was recognized by Girls Scouts of Central Texas and given an award of ‘woman of distinction.’ In 2012, Andrea was also awarded ‘Austin under 40′ and ‘profiles of power’ by Austin Business Journal. Surely she is a woman of distinction.


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