Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Introducing NantOS

Cancer has claimed the lives millions since the dawn of time. However, more and more treatment options are being introduced as years go by. In our world today, scientists and physicians are working hard 24/7 in order to provide us with the most accurate and the most effective treatment option for cancer. Even if there is still no complete cure from the disease, options are available where in the cancer cells are prevented from growing and spreading. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, in partnership with Nanthealth and Allscripts, has introduced a new operating system called the NantOS that has the primary objective of collecting data from oncologists around the world and putting them into one place. The information contained in this operating system can be accessed by anyone, and it will help oncologists to work together in order to fight cancer.

With the introduction of NantOS, oncologists are hoping that more treatment options will be available, and that oncologists from developed nations would share their knowledge about the disease and how to fight it. The new operating system has given oncologists around the world a tiny glimpse of hope that one day, the threatening disease can be cured and that no one has to suffer from it. Also, oncologists are encouraging their colleagues to post the condition of their patients in order for them to monitor what is going on with their bodies. Those who are already using the system have pointed out some important information about the operating system that will help other oncologists. According to them, the features included inside NantOS are:   • Information about the available treatment options and the price for each procedure   • Up to date guidelines and references   • Clinical data support   • Customized treatment patterned after the patient’s schedule   • Order entry through the use of the touch screen technology   • Real time processes   • The use of networks to ensure that oncologists will be notified with newer updates

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