The Bluetooth beacon invention is a significant ingredient in the Information of Technology. It allows communication of objects to each other as well as to people. A beacon is a device that collects and gives information. With the latest developments, these beacons have been reduced in size that is sensor-embedded and can be placed on almost anything. This new device has vast implications in the airline sphere making it an essential element in the airlines.

Jason Hope, a futurist and a technology investor, shares how IoT has improved air travel. He starts with safety giving an example of Boeing 787s of Virgin Atlantic. The plane’s wireless connection from nose to rudder enables continuous collection and analyzing of real-time data like timed maintenance. The technology has also assisted in the customer service experience like easier check-ins. Airlines issuing boarding passes through emails and assigning seats a day before takeoff.

It will act as a guide in your journey in that if you happen to wander in the opposite direction in an airport, the sensor will register this and convey the correct direction and the walk time estimation via a mobile phone or a wearable device. This technological advancement will have seat sensors that monitor traveler’s enjoyment by detecting unusual temperatures, low levels of hydration, and fatigue leaving the cabin crews to make necessary corrections.

The Beacon technology will allow passengers to maintain a virtual eye on their luggage from the check-in to the final point of destination. It will also save money spent on fuel and helped the environment using the technology invented by GE Aviation. Jason Hope, together with other like-minded analysts trusts that these technological advancements will change traveling from a stressful expedition to a luxurious experience.

Jason Hope is also a philanthropist and is looking at assisting people by reversing the process of aging or slowing it down enabling them to live longer. He has helped by funding non-profit organizations that are researching the methods healthcare associations can deal with the effects of aging. He has been financially aiding a charitable organization by the name SENS Foundation.

He initially started funding the research organization in December 2010 by donating $500,000 in an announcement he made in a Breakthrough Philanthropy event in the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Jason Hope encourages everybody despite their income levels to look for ways of supporting charitable causes. He suggests getting assistance from friends and also respected members of the community. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

Fortress Investment Group: Getting Stronger After the Recession

The United States and other developed countries experienced a great economic recession that lasted for two years, from 2008 to 2009. Companies in the United States are the most affected because their value decreased and they lost a lot of investments. However, one company stood out during the recession because they managed to get through it, and their assets even increased during the times when most of the companies are experiencing losses. The Fortress Investment Group managed to receive excessive attention after the company stated that they never felt anything negative during the economic recession of the year 2008 to 2009. They even claimed that they are prepared whenever a recession strikes, and when the real problem began, they knew what to do because they have already readied themselves. The Fortress Investment Group was conceived by three entrepreneurs – Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. These three gentlemen had the idea of creating an investment firm during the late 1990s because they wanted to earn more money. They have seen how the BlackRock Financial Management Inc. earned so much money in only a short period, and they wanted to emulate the success of the company they have worked for in the past.

The investment firm opened its doors for investors in 1998, and nine years later, they offered the company to the public, allowing them to buy corporate shares and trade them off whenever they please. The Fortress Investment Group back in the year 2007 is considered as the largest private equity firm to be traded publicly, and they stated that it is an honor that many people wanted to buy their stocks because they see the company’s potential. Almost 8% of the company, or around $600 million in value, was given to the public for trading. Today, the decision of the founders to offer the company at the stock market is considered as one of the best decisions that they have ever made because they are earning a lot of money from the fluctuation of the market and many clients are looking out for them with the goal of investing using their platform.

The company has proven so many times that they are one of the best investment companies in the world. They are ready to help those who have encountered financial challenges, like the organizers of the Winter Olympic Games which was held in Vancouver in 2010. The Fortress Investment Group is one of the financial donors of the Olympic Village, and they helped the organizers build the place where most of the athletes would stay because they wanted the Olympic Village to become one of the company’s legacies. After the original financier of the project backed out, the organizers of the games looked for a firm that could help them with the funding in the least amount of time possible. The Fortress Investment Group is one of those who volunteered to build the Olympic Village, and after the games, the structures were donated to them as a token of gratitude. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

The Oxford Club: Investing And Trading Advice

The Oxford Club is a prestigious club that has been around for decades. This club is dedicated to assisting members with investment and portfolio management. The club’s mission is to help the 157,000 members across 131 countries to protect their wealth with specialized market analysis and investment ideas. The Oxford Club provides information on equities, bonds, options, funds, real estates, precious metals, and currencies. The Oxford Club delivers different products and services to its members. The club offers three newsletters, 12 trading services, and Investment U Plus.


The three newsletters provided are as following:


The Oxford Communique features advice from Chef Investment Strategist Alexander Green. The Oxford Communique informs members on trading, market trends, and different opportunities for investment. This newsletter, also, provides an essay series from Alexander Green about more than just investment like politics and healthy living.


The Oxford Income Letter is the second newsletter from The Oxford Club. Chef Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld leads this newsletter. Each edition delivers advice and insight on different income-producing strategies for an investment portfolio. The newsletter is accompanied weekly by the Oxford Income Weekly, which gives updates on the four portfolio’s of The Oxford Income Letter.


The Oxford Resource Explorer newsletter gives expert insight on the oil and energy markets along with metals and minerals. Emerging Trends Strategist Matthew Carr provides information on growing trends and developments in these industries.


The Oxford Club offers 12 trading services. Each of the services is developed to help guide investments based on strategic research. The multiple trading services represent different investment options.


Investment U Plus is the education aspect of The Oxford Club. This service includes a daily email. The premium version contains recommendations for individuals to take action on stocks and investments.


There are three different membership levels:


  • Premier Membership


  • Director’s Circle Membership


  • Chairman’s Circle Membership



Each membership has different payment requirements and access to specific benefits for each level.

Why Make the Choice to Hire Southridge Capital

There are many problems that come from dealing with financial issues. Once you make the decision to reach out for help, you need a financial solutions agency that is perfect for your needs and is going to help you realize the true potential of your money. The problem comes when you’re trying to find a good company and don’t know which one to pick. Southridge Capital is a wonderful company specific to your financial needs, allowing you to get the most out of this as an option and know that you’re going to get ahead in life and find what you’re looking to achieve.

There are a lot of people right now who are choosing Southridge Capital because of all of the work that this company has done for them. This company works with financial solutions that are right for their needs, enabling them to get what they need and provide them with a chance to overcome debt and credit score problems. If you need assistance with any one of these things, it is time to give Southridge Capital a call and see if they can take you on as one of their clients. They will be more than happy to assist you in all things related to finance.

There are so many reasons to choose Southridge Capital and have a financial solutions company help you out. For starters, they work with lots of different debt issues, whether you have your own home or own a company yourself. Plus, they can work with credit score repair as well, so you’re not necessarily worrying that you’re not able to take out a loan or mortgage when it is needed. There are so many benefits to choosing Southridge and knowing that this company is there to help you out, but the key is to hire them so that they can begin the work that is needed right away. This prevents you from having to do the repair work yourself or continue to fall into a deep hole of debt that you simply do not know how to overcome on your very own. You can visit their website southridgeholdingsllc.com

Follow their Twitter page.

Read more: https://www.scribd.com/document/124012893/Meet-the-Manager-of-SouthRidge-Capital

Roberto Santiago: The Brilliant Entrepreneur Behind Manaira Shopping

Roberto Santiago is the man who owns Mangabeira Shopping, one of the biggest shopping complexes in Paraiba, Brazil, and a mesmerizing work of architecture. On the day of the inauguration, the shopping complex recorded a turnover that was five times more than the opening of any other complex in the country. The grand opening day was a positive sign for Roberto Santiago, a brilliant entrepreneur and businessman.

It took two and half years to built the giant complex, with an investment of half a billion reals. In the construction itself, around 3,000 jobs were created. In his inaugural address, Roberto Santiago told the public that the new shopping complex would not cause any harm to the profits of his older business- Manaira Shopping which was opened back in 1989 and has been expanded at least five times since. Manaira Shopping remains one of the oldest and biggest shopping complexes of the country. Santiago declared that the percentage of customers that would migrate to the new and more modern complex would not exceed 5%. It turned out to be true as not only did customers not decrease in Manaira Shopping, there was a sustained growth of around 10% and 15%.

The project of building Mangabeira was developed between the years 2007 and 2009. Santiago asserts that both the projects are very different to each other. The construction of Manaira Shopping actually caused a change in the landscape of the city at the time as it attracted businesses and commercial shops to open up around it. When it had been built in 1989, there had only been residential houses in the vicinity. Santiago proudly declares that the city came to be built around his landmark shopping complex.

The new Mangabeira Complex on the other hand, is a symbol of the great increase that has been recorded in investments in leisure and fun in Brazil. The complex consists of 11 movie theatres with the best cinematic projection technology. There is also an amusement park called the Game Station which has 200 gaming systems that cater to all the different ages.

Mangabeira Shopping also boasts of one of the largest concert halls in the country called Domus Hall, which is located on the roof of the building. It has the capacity to seat four thousand people and space for ten thousand people to stand. Domus Hall is made up of two floors, with dressing rooms and musical lounges for guests. The stage is adaptable for presentations, stand-ups, weddings and private events. There is also an Exhibition of arts and culture in Mangabiera Shopping which has an excellent collection of paintings and sculptures.

Truly, Roberto Santiago is a man of immense taste who also possess a visionary zeal.



Sheldon Lavin: A Big Fish in a Big Pond

Sheldon Lavin, a warm yet firm man, is the ever-present CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, a supplier of foods that extends all the way around the world, specifically brokering meat from our corner of the globe and beyond. Mr. Lavin himself, however, can not be wrapped up so concisely in as few words and Sheldon Lavin’s lacrosse camp.

Sheldon Lavin started is meager career in meats over forty years ago, starting off financing a small burger supplier in West Chicago, Illinois called Otto and Sons, which was named after Otto Kolschowsky, the businesses’ owner and founder. The name soon evolved into OSI Industries. Mr. Lavin worked closely with the company and, after years of dedication and hard work with the company he helped gain it’s wings, he became the owner of OSI. He stated in a recent interview that he had had his eyes set on OSI becoming a multinational food supplier, success literally ingrained in his DNA, and he accomplished just that. OSI Group currently supplies meat to over 17 countries the world over and http://www.osigroup.com/news/.

But success is not all Sheldon Lavin was passionate about. With the growth of his company came a ladder-step up into the wealthy world of the CEO elite, but he knew he had to give back. It was his duty, and as head of a meat supplier, it came natural that other’s needs were valuable to him, and that is why OSI is a major partner with the Ronald MacDonald House Charities, giving back to the community that he holds so dear and read full article.

The OSI Group did not reach this world class success overnight though. When asked how the group became such an important key character in food politics multi nationally, Sheldon Lavin stated that the company is an entrepreneurial one; they operate under a standard set of rules and regulations that all respectable businesses follow, but OSI is not nearly as cold. Rather, the OSI Group works like a family; everyone knows everyone, and this positive outlook boosts the morale of it’s over 20000 workers, and keeps this tight knit circle of people working hard towards the success they have garnered today and Sheldon Lavin on Facebook.

Sheldon Lavin continues to serve as CEO and Chairman of his life-blood company, and is a well-known face in the food community. His works and deeds in Chicago shine loud and proud as an example to other striving businesses, making Sheldon Lavin a big fish in a rather big pond and what Sheldon Lavin knows.

Sam Adrangi: Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale

SahmAdrangi is both the founder and CEO of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Sam holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Yale University. Initially, Sam worked at Deutsche Bank financial group. Later, Sam worked as an analyst at Longacre Fund Management. While at Longacre, Sam Adrangi conducted both credit fund and equity fund analysis. Adrangi has shown that he is not afraid to go against New York’s top dogs in the investment sector. He has grown his Kerrisdale Capital firm to up to three times its original size just within three years. Kerrisdale has made a staggering 200 percent increase from its startup revenue. Sam Adrangi can hold his head high and speak of leading the anti-corruption battle in America by wiping off various corrupt companies while making almost huge investment returns in the process.

Sam Adrangi got his inspiration from John Hempton who just like him seeks to expose fraud as a means of earning income. Initially, Sam Adrangi targeted the Chinese reverse mergers when he started his career as a hedge fund investor. Adrangi states that the moment he realized that most of the companies were scams that is when he got the motivation to expose them to earn money from them. Initially, he would expose them by the use of anonymous websites. Later, he would observe other gurus such as Hempton and Muddy Waters expose fraud companies openly. He would later start publishing in Kerrisdale Capital and become quite successful. The success of Kerrisdale and other firms in China made them wipe off all frauds until they were no more. This threatened their status as people had started regarding them as a one-trick pony. However, to prove them wrong, Kerrisdale Capital returned 30 percent income maintaining the premium spot at Barclays Hedge Fund rankings. Recently, Kerrisdale management raised up to $100 million from its trusted investors to bet against a single stock. The firm has plans to take a company of estimated worth of $10 billion. The company taken is to be revealed later in Mid-May as its status is to be concealed for the meantime.

Throw A Traveling Vineyard Wine Tasting Party At Your Home

Throwing your very own Traveling Vineyard wine tasting party in your own home can be quite exciting. It can open the door for you to learn more and make money selling their wine.

The truth is that being a wine guide can be very rewarding. Traveling Vineyard can allow for you to make good money while also being given the chance to share your favorite wine to friends and family alike. To throw a successful wine tasting party in your own home, it pays off to have a plan of action in place.

It all begins by having a clean home. Set the house up so that wine is easy accessible and quick to share around. You want people to have an easy time in the process. It’s always very rewarding to have a home that remains clean and presentable. You want people to have an easy and fun time in your home. The best thing to remember is that an easy setup is required to allow for people to come in and out of the house. If you have the option to bring people to the backyard or any place outdoors, take that chance because it can allow you to bring the wine under the stars at night.

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A wine tasting event happening at home should be a lot less intimidating compared to a regular vineyard. This is why you want to not pressure people and just give people that openness to feel and be welcomed throughout your home. It can be very rewarding when you just talk about wine and stop focusing on selling. When you do this, you bring people in and they will just buy the wine they like in an instant. It’s very easy to sell this wine because the taste in itself is so good enough already. People just need to feel welcomed and like they are a part of something. There is good money to be made in this business. The key is to know how to set these events up and bring people in. Just a few simple tips can drastically improve your wine tasting event.

For more information about Traveling Vineyard, just click here.

How Not to Invest

Warren Buffet wagered one million dollars for a charity that he will get a better investment return than a bunch of hedge fund managers by investing in a passive index fund and he stands to collect by the looks of it.

Buffet believes that there are too many expensive and incompetent funds that shortchange investors. He believes that is better to invest for the long run and in low-cost funds, rather than those expensive ones. He believes that bottom-up investing is the best approach to take and his method of investing has proven to be effective over the years.

It’s important for consumers to be careful when it comes to product labels because many mutual funds don’t give great returns, mostly due to the high costs and management fees. It’s always better to go with good long-term investment returns and to keep costs low and more information click here.

Index funds can be good at times, but they really don’t offer much cushion against down markets. Of the 1200 investors that were surveyed online last year, only half of them were aware that index funds expose them to 100 percent of losses and volatility during downturn markets and Timothy on Facebook.

Buffets believes that it is better to stay on top when the markets are in a downturn in order to build a good nest egg.

Timothy Armour began his career with Capital Group in 1983 and is now the chairman and chief executive officer. He has over 34 years of investment experience and a bachelor’s degree in economics.

More visit: http://relationshipscience.com/timothy-d-armour-p3247776

James Dondero’s Success In the Financial Industry

James Dondero has had an amazing career history filled with achievements and great milestones. His colleagues and industry experts have heaped praises to his outstanding financial knowledge. The executive leader has worked hard to ensure that he succeeds in all areas that he focuses on. To date, James continues to develop world-class products that satisfies the utility of its clients.

James Dondero is the president of the renowned Highland Capital Management, an asset management firm, which is based in Dallas, Texas. As the co-founder of the company, James has played an instrumental role in its growth by providing visionary leadership and innovative business strategies. To this end, the firm has developed a wide range of both retail and institutional products.

With over three decades of experience in the industry, Mr. Dondero has been involved in the development of several business solutions. Most of these products are in the credit and equity market. His most famed product is the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). The product has revolutionized how financial institutions offer loans to firms and businesses.

His outstanding leadership skills have enhanced the profitability margins of the company. Over the years, the firm has received several awards and accolades. Some of them include Morningstar’s award that ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund as position one, and the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities. The company was also the recipient of Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation.

Previously, James Dondero worked for GIC, a subsidiary of the Protective Life, as the chief investment officer. In this position, he was responsible for the growth of the company. He managed to build the company from being a startup to a mega enterprise valued at more than $2 billion. James achieved this success within a span of five years. Formerly, he worked for the American Express where he managed over $1 billion in fixed income funds. He continues to provide people with different investment tips. James seeks to help his clients to make higher returns from their investments. In addition, the financial expert sits on the boards of American Banknote, MGM Studios NexBank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. James’ insights has played an integral role in the success of these companies.