Securus Technologies Builds Drone Detection and Prevention System

American inmates are starting to contact outsiders to help deliver various contraband by the use of drones. There were many sightings of these drones flying around prison zones and reports made by U.S. corrections officials that had actual evidence of drones being used to smuggle in drugs, paraphernalia, weapons and cellphones. Using drones as a delivery system is now a becoming a consideration for some major retailers in the U.S., but the idea of dangerous individuals using it to help bring weapons inside our prisons is daunting. All of this will hopefully come to an end because a new technology is now available for officers to help counter drone smuggling.


The Texas-based Securus Technologies had recently created a drone detection system that uses a powerful digital antennae structure that is extremely effective. The company has worked side by side with their technology partners for over 18 months to test and develop this technology. They have already launched active pilot programs that utilize drone detection technology across many U.S. prisons. This will help bring to light new methods and tactics for the drone detection so the Securus team can perfect this new technology as soon as possible.


On February 23, 2018, the annual Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service took place at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada and Securus Technologies took home a total of three highly coveted awards at this year’s event. The tech solutions company won a Gold for “Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year” and Ms. Zelperita Jackson won a Silver for “Customer Service Professional of the Year.” The Stevie Awards honor and recognize thousands of organizations of every industry from around the world. The senior vice president of operations at Securus, Danny de Hoyos, congratulated his customer service team for their recent winnings.


The Different Options for Marketing and The Approach of Fabletics

With business, success and failure depends largely on marketing. Many people who start ab business or buy an existing business have to figure out what they are going to do about marketing. The only issue is that this can be time consuming for people who don’t know how to market. One of the most common solutions to marketing is for business owners to take their business to an advertising or marketing agency. It makes perfect sense. After all, the marketing agency has a lot of time, experience, and knowledge on marketing. Therefore, they can more easily come up with a campaign that is going to bring in the sales.


For Fabletics and the other brands of TechStyle, this is not the case. The owners of TechStyle have decided that they are better off doing their own marketing, partially because they are very passionate about getting the word out on their products. They also want to handle an important part of marketing which is reaching out and connecting with others so that they will not only know about the brand, but actually have a relationship with the brand. One thing that the customers like are companies that they have influence over beyond what they buy.


Instead of using an ad agency, Fabletics uses a marketing team that they have in house in order to handle all of the marketing. This can cause a bit of concern with the advertising agencies. However, Fabletics has a very unique approach to marketing. One of the marketing techniques that Fabletics takes on is leveraging the power of the crowd. One of the ways TechStyle pays tons of attention to the power of the crowd is by making sure that the interaction is strong. This is one of the techniques that many small business owners use.


Marketing is one of the best aspects of business because there are a multitude of techniques that can help. It is up to business owners to think about what they are going to do in order to get the word out. With the internet, marketing is so much easier for people to achieve. They just have to decide on their primary channel and find their audience. As they reach and interact with the audience, they will not only know about the business owner and the business, but they will also get a good idea on what the company stands for.

Rick Smith Sends Securus To New Heights

Rick Smith is an experienced member of the corrections industry. After proving himself to be a vital asset at every place he has worked, Securus Technology hired him as their Chief Executive Officer in 2008. He has been able to lead the company forward and lead to improvements in their entire system. Rick Smith is most well known for his role in leadership positions. He is able to run a successful business without being overbearing and he treats his employees like family. He has been able to push Securus forward and improve the quality of the products that they are producing. Mr. Rick Smith always aims for the best.

Securus is based in Dallas, Texas and has grown exponentially since Rick Smith became the CEO. They now provide telecommunications services with over 2,500 public safety, police, and corrections facilities all over the United States. They also serve over a million inmates and provide them with the ability to call their loved ones on safe lines. Rick Smith has made Securus into the most competitive and successful telecommunications company in the industry. He has been able to do this because he always has his eye on new technological advances. He worked to make sure the Securus stays up to date on all new software and tech that is released. He believes that technology is the future of the corrections industry and he is leading Securus on the road to victory. In addition to helping the inmates, Rick Smith continues to release new services to the corrections and law enforcement facilities that they work with. They provide them with the technology that allows quick communication, easy management for concerned incidents, biometric opportunities, and assistance with the investigation.

Rick Smith backed his impressive career in the corrections industry with an impressive foundation in education. This educational foundation gave him the knowledge and skills he needed to make the right steps forward in his business and it is what has guided him toward such great success as the CEO of Securus. He attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and earned his associate’s degree there. He did so well as that school that he was able to get into the State University of New York at Buffalo and get a degree in engineering. This spurred his interest in technology and staying up to date on that sector of the market. He also got his MBA from the Simon School at the University of Rochester.He previously worked with the Global Crossing North America Inc. for a number of years. During which time he worked as their Chief Information Officer as well as Controller. He was then promoted to the Frontier Information Technologies President and also served as the director of Business Development.

How ClassDojo Is Changing The Classroom Experience

ClassDojo is changing how classes are being taught and how teachers communicate with parents. Teachers post pictures allowing parents to see what’s happening in the classrooms. With more than two-thirds of all schools having at least one teacher actively engaged in the app, ClassDojo has been adopted rapidly in the US and the world at large.


ClassDojo was launched in June 2011 in San Francisco, California with a mission to connect teachers, parents and students. Initial recognition of the app came after providing a system which allowed teachers to reward students for good behavior. However, the app has evolved to a tool of consistent communication between educators and parents about students’ activities and development at school. The app allows teachers to post pictures about their classes with the parents able to like and comment.


ClassDojo has introduced a new feature this year, Students Stories, where students show off their day’s class work by posting photos and videos to their portfolios. ClassDojo can be compared to Slack as it’s the end-users who download the app by themselves without any permissions. In addition to that, they both provide platforms to keep the interested parties connected throughout the day.


The next step is to monetize the app by selling educational content rather than selling adverts. This can be achieved by massively spreading educational videos to teachers and students. In January, ClassDojo partnered up with Stanford to release a series of educational videos on growth mindset. The mission was a success with a massive audience turn up and they are embarking on this success to provide enough content such that parents and teachers will be willing to pay extra to give students an extra edge on the basics. The model is similar to Slack’s as those who are willing to pay more have an added experience value.


Despite future monetization plans, the company’s focus is to improve its product and grow its user base. Its investors have expressed patience though users are eager for new content even if it means they have to pay. One teacher at Roy Waldron Elementary School regards the app to be more than just a classroom management tool. She further expresses content of the app and its impact in her class saying she’s more than willing to pay for the app.


ClassDojo Brings Technology Use To The Classroom

The use of technology has become common in many classrooms across the country. One of the reasons why technology has become so common in classrooms are the technology innovations that have occurred over the past few decades. The development of the Internet, WiFi, mobile devices, smart software, and various other technology innovations has made the use of technology easy in the classroom.


With the technology innovations that have occurred in recent times, there have been several that have made a huge impact in the classroom. One of the main innovations that helped to change the use of technology in the classroom is the Internet. The use of the Internet has made the classroom a place where children can learn anything. There are no limitations in the classroom with access to the Internet.


Beyond the Internet, teachers, who are the primary users of technology in the classroom, have been looking for resources that are designed specifically for the classroom. In particular, the K-12 education level. One of the innovations that has helped with additional resources for teachers are mobile devices such as the smartphone and tablet that provide apps for users.


In recent years, ClassDojo, which is a technology startup company, has been providing the use of its app to teachers, students, and parents across the country. The app is designed to work within classroom and school environments. Teachers are able to use the app for a wide variety of classroom purposes. With the popularity and the use of the ClassDojo app increasing, the co-founders of the app have been thinking about setting up a paid resource aspect to the app that will charge teachers to receive the content from this particular area of the app.


ClassDojo has been providing the app to school systems to utilize in classrooms. Teachers have been very happy with the app. By charging for some content on the app, ClassDojo will be able to generate revenue from the use of the app by teachers in classrooms


ClassDojo is constantly working on enhancements to the app to better serve its users. As teachers use the app more in the classroom, new needs arise along with request related to the app. In an effort to provide additional features and function to the app, ClassDojo raised an estimated 21 million dollars to go towards the efforts required to enhance the app. ClassDojo is working to make the app a top app in eth classroom setting.

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