Louis Chenevert Business Objectives

In 2008, Louis Chenevert was given the job of President and CEO, becoming a leader of United Technologies Corporation. He became chairman of that company in 2010, becoming even more involved in leading it. He stayed with the company until 2014, the year that he chose to retire. Mr. Chenevert came to UTC with a degree in production management and with many years of experience working with various businesses. He gave to UTC and had a positive influence on the company.

When Louis Chenevert started working for United Technologies Corporation, he knew that the company was in need of new innovations, that it needed to start doing new things. He put his time and effort into helping the company grow and become better, and he really made a difference through the work that he did. He helped the company make acquisitions that really changed up its portfolio and that made the company stronger.

To bring his ideas to life while he was working at UTC, Louis Chenevert focused on creating small teams that could handle various jobs. He also focused on making sure that those who were working for the company had all of the resources that they needed to handle the jobs that were given to them. He also helped his ideas come to life by following up with an intense review of what was going on to make sure that the objectives that he had were coming about.

Louis Chenevert has shared some of the things that helped him to do well for UTC and overall, in his life in general. He believes that it is important for a person to be focused on what they are doing. He believes in thinking openly. Mr. Chenevert believes that a person should be ready to remove the roadblocks that are in their way.


Ryan Seacrest is Making Television For Children By Children

Ryan Seacrest is a mega-star. The man has appeared on television screens across the world and his silky voice booms out of radios in cars from America to China. But, how did he get here? Where is he going? Here is a look at the story and future of Ryan Seacrest.

Seacrest got his first gig in the entertainment industry when he was at a tender age of 16. He was still in high school. After scoring an internship at the Atlanta radio station WSTR(FM) he was given a slot as a night host. He then went to college and left soon thereafter to move to Hollywood to pursue his dream of being a host. A dream that he accomplished in spades. His first gigs were relatively small, at least for Seacrest, and they included hosting an ESPN outdoor game show and 3 children’s game shows.

He hit the international stage when, in 2001, American Idol hired him to be their host. His smile charmed America, and the rest is history, well sort of. Seacrest has leveraged his fame to score himself a clothing line (Ryan Seacrest Distinction) and a skincare line (Polished). He is also a major producer who runs his studio RSP (Ryan Seacrest Productions) and is responsible for shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He is also slotted into the radio on his show On Air With Ryan Seacrest, which is a mega-popular syndicated radio show.

Ryan’s future, however, may be more directed towards charity. Ryan started his own charity that puts entertainment hubs in pediatric hospitals across America, and so far, it has been a hit. Ryan Seacrest’s charity puts what they call Seacrest Studios into hospitals. These hubs allow children to create their own shows using a greenscreen and camera equipment and then play it on a closed-circuit television for other children at the hospital to watch.

It doesn’t stop there. Ryan has used his Hollywood connections to get celebrities and musicians to play live concerts on the closed-circuit networks and even perform shows live for the children to watch. Ryan Seacrest has created a charity that he has the expertise and knowledge in and uses his fame to leverage himself entertainment for his charity as well. Maybe Ryan Seacrest’s future is Seacrest Studios the world’s first for children by children television channel. Only time will tell.

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Understanding the Opportunities Smart Homes Present to Entrepreneurs

Smart homes have made life easy in many ways. Some have modest features whereas others come with elaborate systems and high technology features. An example is the washroom modifications, which can detect problems and send data to a doctor or physician, making Smart homes the ideal investments for entrepreneurs in the modern age.

Why Smart Homes are Becoming Popular

In a report by Affiliatedork, the demand to have smart homes has been driven by the desire to enhance safety and produce instant results. A connected Smart Phone home system can enable one to turn off an appliance from anywhere and eliminate worries. Some of such features include the Siri and Alexa.

The New Smart Home Technologies

Quadrant home packages can be understood and used by anybody, and the trend is rapidly spreading becoming widespread, to the extent that rural dwellings will soon be equipped with Smart homes gadgets. Quadrant Homes in Bellevue, Washington has the following:

o Ring-motion detecting doorbells

o Lutron automatic window shades

o Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting; and

o Nest thermostats

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a leading real estate entrepreneur with a keen interest in Smart Homes. He serves as the Vice President of Legendary Investments and also the President of Global Ventures, LLC. Lubar attended the Syracuse University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech Communication. Lubar is ranked among the top 25 mortgage originators in America and has experience of more than two decades in the real estate. Todd Lubar has also worked in the construction, banking and entertainment industries.

Giving Back to the Community

Todd Lubar is passionate about assisting people to achieve their dreams by finding their dream homes. He has also assisted others to succeed in entrepreneurship and has reached the community in this initiative in a big way. Many clients and entrepreneurs have been facilitated to overcome financial barriers through Global Ventures. He is also actively involved in the entertainment industry. Lubar is innovative in his approaches to healthy living, work, and physical fitness, for himself and his family. Visit Business to know more.

Adam Goldenberg Entrepreneurial Background and the Success at JustFab

The CEO and Cofounder of TechStyle, formally JustFab has been featured as one of the top 3 CEO’s you need to know in LA. According to an excerpt published in Built in LA in January 2014, Goldenberg predicted that 2014 was going to be huge for his company. The positive feeling stems from his 1999 experience, when he built and sold Gamer’s Alliance startup to Intermix Media after 2 short years. Before JustFab came into being in 2010, Goldenberg established a highly successful online incubator called Intelligent Beautiful. Many of Goldenberg’s predictions about JustFab have come to fruition as evidenced in the developments witnessed since 2013.

Case in point, the company managed to raise $55 million in capital and acquired ShoeDazzle, a shoe discovery outfit in 2013. oldenberg told Built in LA that JustFab’s big break largely stems from its positive customer feedback. When asked about the company’s hiring practices, Adam Goldenberg said JustFab was focused on mentoring and building high performers, by transforming the ‘B’ team into an ‘A’ team.

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JustFab, under the guidance of its CEO continues to raise funds and enter into strategic partnerships to fund its growth. According to Pandomedia, Inc website, the company raised over $80 million capital in 2014. The round was led by various partners, including Technology Crossover Ventures, Shining Capital, Matrix Partners and a new entrant, Passport Special Opportunity Fund. However, sources close to the company revealed a valuation of $1 billion. In future Goldenberg hopes to grow the company into a $5 billion entity.

About Adam Goldenberg
Adam Goldenberg is a seasoned entrepreneur and an internet advertising and marketing pro. According to a Crunchbase overview, Goldenberg began his entrepreneurial adventure at a tender age of 16, when he established Gamer’s Alliance, Inc in 1997. The venture was later sold to Intermix Media in 1999. Goldenberg soon became the COO of Intermix media at age 20, having joined the company as VP of Strategic Planning. Intermix was purchased by News Corp in 2005 in a deal worth $650 million. With vast business experience, Adam Goldenberg later teamed with Don Ressler to establish a string of successful entities, including Intelligent Beauty and JustFab.

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