Equities First Holdings Moves Its Offices to Melbourne Due to Growth

Often, experts would say that if your business isn’t growing, then it is high time you went back to the drawing board and draft a promising plan. Others would recommend an immediate closure to avoid experiencing losses in the long-run. However, for organizations such as Equities First Holdings (EFH), growth has been its top priority and a song that it dances to its rhythm every morning.

Not long ago, EFH relocated its offices to Melbourne, a move that got many by a surprise who did not see the essence of such a great move. However, on an expert’s point of view, the move was necessary owing to the company’s primary objective which is growth. Based on records, Equities First Holdings has been experiencing an increase in the number of clients. Therefore, their new office creates more than enough space to serve its growing number of customers.

Apparently, more customers mean more staff to handle the growing the needs and unless your current space allows room for expansion; you have no option but to seek a wider space. Many would suggest that EFH moved to Melbourne to explore the new location, but the reason remains the same, requesting a room for expansion. Currently, both inquiries and consultations can be channeled through its new address which is Equities First Holdings (Australia, Melbourne) Ltd, level 2, 287 Collins Street.

To the people of Australia, Equities First Holdings shifting its offices to Melbourne is a definition of what we call luck. Since 2002, EFH has popularly been known for working smart in ensuring their customers accomplish their professional goals. EFH does all this through providing reliable and useful options in financing solutions.

What Equities First Holdings Specialize in

Equities First Holdings is a globally recognized firm that deals in securities based lending. From calculations, the firm has been in the industry for 15 years operating in nine global offices and boasts of handling over 700 transactions. EFH has a reputation for offering clients a loan process that is simple, secure, and open. As a result, investors have an assurance of straightforward transactions which consequently boosts their accessibility to funds. Click here to know more about Stock-Based-Loans.

Over and over again, a customer’s needs have always remained EFH’s top priority, and that is why it has a 24-hour response time service. The firm has remained true to its primary mission which is providing loans to its customers who propose to invest in the business. Surprisingly, their loans have no limitations as to where the cash will be put to use. Therefore, Equities First Holdings has been in a position to support its clients grow either personally or professionally.


Equities First Holdings and its Partners

Equities First Holdings LLC is a global leading lender in alternative financing solutions; the company can detect more traction between margin loans and stock-based loans in the current economic condition where lending institutions and banks have regulated their lending criteria. Equities holdings come to the rescue for borrowers who needs capital quickly and do not qualify for more conventional margin based loans hence equities is gaining popularity as an alternative lender.

Lending institutions have tightened loans qualifications, cut down lending options for the borrowers and also increased the interests’ rates. The founder and the chief executive officer of Equities Holding, Al Christy, Jr sees loans guaranteed by stock as innovative substitutes for individuals looking to raise working capital.

Christy explains that during an average three-year loan period, the market is expected to experience fluctuations which are inevitable, but for stock-based loans, a hedge is provided since the borrowers tend to lower their investment risk in a downside of the market. The good side of stock-based is that it has a non-resource feature that enables the borrowers to walk out of stock loan any moment whether or not the stock value depreciates, and so can keep the original loan proceeds with no obligation to the lender.

According to Christy, although both loans use securities as guarantors they have a huge difference. Margin loan requires the borrowers to be pre-qualified and also requires the money to be used for particular purposes. With margin loans, the interests are valuable from time to time, and the loan-to-value ratio can go as far as 50%.

While with stock-based loans the borrowers expects a fixed interest rates with. No restrictions are allowing the borrowers to use the money for whatever purposes. Additionally, stock-based loans are non-resource.

EFH has continued to provide for its clients with alternative financial solutions since 2002. The company offers high loan value to low or fixed interest rates. Also, they provide capital to against shares traded publically.

The lending solution for enterprises and high net worth clients offers their services to nine countries worldwide.