Norman Pattiz’s advertising Business Venture

Norman Pattiz and Mr. Webster announced the results of a comprehensive study conducted by Edison Research on advertising tests. The test was performed on five main consumer brands across different categories of products and services.

This study of the pre- and post-campaign brand lift for advertisers of the podcast was carried out over the last half of 2016. It showed a noteworthy podcast advertising impact on brand recall, intent to buy and remembering of unique messaging. Read more: Norman Pattiz | LinkedIn

The major findings of the study were based on the pre- and post-campaign comparisons. The report presented certain percentage increases from the pre-study to the post study. The number of listeners who mentioned grocery brands characterized by specific details rose by 7%.

Unaided product awareness reported a 47% increase for financial services product. Automobile products increased by 37%, and garden and lawn items recorded a 24 percent increase.

To enhance the effectiveness of the research, Edison Research conducted three other studies on PodcastOne’s behalf. For reliable results, it was worth noting the situation of the advertising market. Some of the products were popular while others were lesser-known brands. Tom Webster and Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne Chairman, intended to increase trial and awareness for the lesser-known brands.

Additionally, the advertising market presented audiences who displayed a receptive attitude towards brand messages. However, they showed an increased intent to purchase and consider those brands.

Norman’s focus was to independently verify that the format of podcast aided in the enhancement of brands. According to Mr. Pattiz, podcast format is better designed than the traditional advertising formats.

The research findings thus validate podcast’s multi-tiered technique in the provision of integrated measurement and advertisement.

Tom Webster, Edison Research Vice President, stated that the methodology used in the survey was able to display the key effect of the advertising of podcast that leads to increased product awareness thus generating high sales.

The success of PodcastOne is mainly as a result of Norman Pattiz contributions. Since 2012, Norman has led the company to be the leading distributor and producer of audio on-demand programming. Today, PodcastOne features outstanding personalities including Adam Carolla, Larry King, Chris Jericho and Freekonomics.

Norman Pattiz understands that one of the major factors behind greater sales is the individuals presented. He, therefore, works towards displaying popular and notable people in his advertising strategies.