Waiakea Volcanic Water: Number One in the World

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is the biggest name in the beverage industry today. It was the first triple bottom line premium bottled water company of its kind. 10 Best Water recently declared Waiakea a Best Water Brand of 2017. Waiakea has experienced nothing but positive compliments about its product since being founded.

According to Crunchbase, dozens of public and private organizations and critics have complimented Waiakea on its purity level, great taste, and commitment to environmental conservation and social good. Out of all the bottled water brands in the world, Waiakea water took second place on the top 10 list.

The bottled water brand also took first place in the Best Volcanic Water of 2017 category. That came as surprise to anyone considering all the buzz about the product. Waiakea water outdid more popular brand names like Fiji, Icelandic Glacial, and SmartWater. The brand has also been outperforming these other companies as an overall bottled water brand.

Forbes said that although Waiakea water is not as much a household name as some of the other bottled water brands, it has been making more of a splash in the industry. It has been honored by 10 Best Water as one of the top brands in the industry three years in a row. It’s even been called the most influential bottled water brand in the world.

Ryan Emmons, Founder of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, started the company to reinvent the beverage industry from within. He wanted to set a better example of what the beverage industry could be. The mission of combining a great product with environmental and philanthropic initiatives was to incite positive change on a global scale.

Waiakea was the first U.S. bottled water brand to be CarbonNeutral certified. It has quickly become a conduit for industrial transformation in the beverage industry. Along with all its reforestation initiatives and 100 percent RPET packaging, there’s also the fact that it’s a great tasting water. Grubstreet, respectable food and beverage critics, awarded Waiakea first place in the ‘Best Tasting’ category.

Waiakea Water is sourced from natural springs around the Big Island’s Mauna Loa volcano. The water starts off as snowmelt and rainfall. It’s then filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock. The rock naturally enriches the water with minerals. It’s then packaged in a special way, which reduces the company’s carbon footprint by 90 percent.