Chris Burch: A Better Kind Of Businessman

There are quite a number of people who reach success. They make it big and get everything that they ever wanted, but lose a part of themselves. At one point of another, many of them ask themselves if it was even worth it. If you want to be successful, be sure to already love life before you get there. That way, when you get there, you won’t still feel empty. Of course, we all have emptiness inside of us, but it is the love of fulfilling our purpose that gives us fulfillment. If you get rich by doing something that you hate doing, you will never feel fulfilled, content, or happy. Chris Burch is one of the few that has managed to reach certain levels of success and keep him whole throughout the process.

If you look up his name, you will most likely find pictures of him. And if you find pictures of him, you will notice that he has a genuine smile. Not a smile that is faked and posed for the sake of vanity, but a smile that exudes a sense of deep inner fulfilment. This guy is doing something right. And it’s not just being wealthy, see it here (

Chris Burch started his own fashion company with his brother when he was still in college at Ithica and ended up selling it once the net worth hit approximately $165 million. No small feat for any college kid. His portfolio now contains famous brands such as ED by Ellen DeGeneres. Throughout his lifetime of success, he has picked up fantastic and useful learning lessons that anyone pursuing similar goals can achieve.

One example of these kinds of learning lessons is the ability to spot the opportunity. This is easier said than done. When Chris Burch says that it is important to spot the opportunity, he doesn’t mean to only be able to see it when it is easy, but to see it when it is hardest to see it when it is buried underneath mountains of challenges, based on

Another example of one of these invaluable keys is to focus. Whether working alone, or in a team. Always be sure to focus. If working in a team, make sure to get everyone on the same page. It will make it easier on everyone and for everyone to accomplish each task with extreme efficiency. This helps to build a flawless team dynamic.

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