George Soros warns everyone about Donald Trump and anti-EU movement

George Soros is mostly known as one of the richest US business magnets with a personal fortune of $ 25 billion. George Soros is the Chairman of Soros Fund Management and considered one of the most successful hedge fund managers in US history. However, he is more than a businessman only. He is also a political activist, philanthropist and also an author. He has been writing books and articles on different platforms such as Business Insider and much more. In his two recent articles, he has mentioned his beliefs about the future of international trends and trades under the new Trump Administration and anti-EU movements on

George Soros is considered as one of the leading philanthropists who donated approximately $ 12 billion in last three decades for numerous political and humanitarian causes. He is a real supporter of the Democratic wing and American Liberal movements. With his dynamic political advocacy and activities, he has been helping policy makers in USA and European countries to promote and sustain democracy. George Soros is the Founder and Chairman of Open Society Foundations that has been supporting non-violent reform in post-Soviet nations in Europe. In addition to this, Soros is also helping a number of people including but not limiting to black students, African countries as well as hundreds of institutions related to agriculture, education and medical aid. He is a firm believer that through active philanthropy and political advocacy on Forbes, we can ensure a better world with sustainable democracy.

However, he has been quite concerned with the recent trends in international and US political arena on Investopedia. Being a firm supporter of the Democratic wing, he was always against Trump and his ideology. Soros has serious doubts that Trump will be able to lead the country with his approach. In one of his article, Soros mentioned that Trump and his administration with a dictatorship approach would fail against the strong US constitution and institutions. He also marked Trump as a con man and an imposter who is leading a cabinet made with retired generals and ineffectual extremists with no previous experience. According to Soros, it will be a quite difficult time in future as Trump will divert the US from its role to promote democracy in other nations as well as change international trade aspects by providing more supports to China.

He is also worried that, as the USA will become even more occupied with its internal problems, it won’t be able to support democracy in other parts of the world as well. A direct effect of this will go to the European Union as well. With rising economic crisis, BREXIT and worsening refugee situation, EU is about to breakdown. George Soros is a keen supporter of EU, and he is afraid that if we do not take prompt action, it will dissolve very soon.

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  1. In my own opinion we may not have seen any evidence to claim that Trump is anti EU and we can assure that he will help the real Americans. Well assignment service will have to review this ideas and make sure that the views are not blown out of proportion. Because Trump can call this fake news now and it will be in the news again.

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