Gregory Aziz: National Steel Car’s Exceptional Leader

A few years ago, National Steel Car was a company that was on the verge of collapsing. This is not the case now. Today, National Steel Car, a railroad freight car manufacturing company, is among the top companies in new car innovation. It manufactures thousands of railroad freight cars every year, all thanks to Gregory James Aziz.

Greg James Aziz is a leader who changed everything about National Steel Car. This was after he bought the company in 1994. His main goal was to change the company and make it the leading car manufacturing company, which he did.


Greg J Aziz was born in London, Ontario on April 30, 1949. He pursued his college studies at Ridley College. After completing his college education he continued to pursue his education in the University of Western Ontario. He majored in Economics. After graduating from the university, he went to work for his family’s food business in 1971.

Due to his skills that he had acquired from school, Affiliated Foods, the family’s business, expanded and grew to be a leading fresh foods importing company in the world. It imported fresh foods from different wholesale markets in the world such as Central America. . Affiliated Foods would then distribute the fresh foods to major wholesale markets in the world.


James Aziz later joined the investment banking industry where he worked on several investment opportunities in New York. It was after this that Gregory James Aziz was able to buy National Steel Car in 1994. He then became the CEO of the company.

Greg J Aziz’s leadership was exemplary. He had a great vision for the company. He tried to achieve his goal by encouraging team work and exploiting the company’s engineering abilities. The company’s unrelenting pursue for success in engineering led to it becoming the best engineering company in North America.


Greg J Aziz did not only promote human investment but also capital investment. As a result, the company grew and increased its productivity. By 1999, the company grew from manufacturing 3,500 cars to manufacturing 12,000 cars every year. The number of employees in the company also increased from 600 to 3,000 under Greg Aziz’s leadership. Get More Information Here.


Greg Aziz’s leadership led to the company receiving the quality award continuously from 1996 till date. In addition, its thousands of employees attend the company’s Christmas party with their families, taking part in the company’s food drive mostly for local food banks.



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