Jacob Gottlieb

Graduating Magna Cum Laude at Brown University in Economics, it was known then that Jacob Gottlieb had a passion for numbers, data driven strategies, and making sure that any company he worked for, reached its max potential. Therefore, it was rather tragic for him to witness the massive insider trading scandal within the healthcare hedge fund he founded, Visium Asset Management. Jacob Gottlieb was the only major executive who was able to withstand the investigation and move forward with the company.

Background of Jacob Gottlieb

Being the son of of an economics professor in his father. It’s no mystery where he received his knack for both numbers and economics from. Additionally, his mother was also a pediatrician. In which he received his passion for medical and know-how for the human physiology and treatment techniques. Coming from very humble, yet intelligent parents, they were able to instill in him the work ethic and passion necessary to become an influencer at whatever he set his mind to.

This excellence would reveal itself throughout his academic career, climaxing at both Brown University as an economics major (B.A) and a Doctor of NYU Medical school where he would receive honors. Aft this point, Gottlieb came to a cross roads. To pursue a career in medicine at St. Vincent’s Hospital or to pursue a finance career on Wall Street? He chose the latter and the rest is history.

His trading career began as Buyside Research at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. He would then gain experience in healthcare portfolio management at Merlin Biomed Group, after another brief stint, he would go on to found Visium Asset Management in 2005 where it would rise to one of the biggest healthcare hedge funds in the nation. Although there have been major insider trading, his work as the CIO is winding down, he is increasing his work in some of the charities that he has supports including Math for America, Robin Hood, and Covenenant House.

Math for America, founded by Jim Simons, is focused on excellence in trust in the classroom. Currently focusing on the New York City area, the goal is for teachers to collaborate and learn from one another. The key is awarding teachers who have promise and to provide retention nationally by establishing independent programs modeled by Math for America.

In conclusion, one can see how these contributions can easily make a giantpositive impact on the American landscape.


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