Jorge Moll Continues Interesting Research

Being kind to others and giving who those who are needy is a guiding principle of many different religions. Many of these religions also believe that you will be awarded through a better quality of life if you are willing to give to others and do good deeds. While this has been a very common principle of a variety of religions for a long period of time, there have also been a variety of different scientific studies that can also confirm the link between doing good deeds and living a quality life as studied by Dr. Jorge Moll.

Over the past decade, one neuroscientist has completed several different studies that show that doing good can be great for the brain and overall psyche. Dr. Jorge Moll is a very successful neuroscientist that has completed many of these studies. During his studies, he has been able to form a conclusion that doing good deeds and providing assistance to others that are in need has the ability to have a very positive impact on the brain. In fact, there are certain chemical reactions that take place in the brain when you do something that is selfless and good for others (Idor). This reaction can then leave someone feeling very good and satisfied with themselves. Overtime, doing this can then lead to a higher overall quality of life.

This is not the first time that a study of this kind has been completed. Over the past few years, several studies have been completed at universities in the United States that have come up with similar conclusions. One of the most recent studies took place at the University of Southern California. This study focused on studying individuals that have suffered a certain type of brain disorder or damage. The study was able to conclude that those that have had damage to a certain part of the brain are less likely to feel remorse for someone that is suffering and will not feel the same physical benefit for doing good which also surfaced on Dr. Jorge Moll’s experiment. This study has also come to the conclusion that there is a certain reaction that takes place when doing good for others.


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