Michael Zomber: The Way Of The Samurai


According to an online article on citrite.org, Michael Zomber is sharing his passion of arms with they world. For at least 40 years, he has collected antique arms and armor. He has a documentary series on guns on the History Channel, says the article.


He has also written screenplays and used story telling to convey his love for samurai swords. His historical novels reveal the specialty of these antique weapons. It will influence future readers and historians, says the article.


Renascent Films LLC is the film company owned by Michael Zomber and his wife. They live in Philadelphia and are right at home with the antique dealers in the area. The Zombers are part of organizations that promote peace.


The article talks about Bushido, which is the Samurai belief system. It is the traditional way that people should conduct themselves. Michael Zomber applies this honorable principle to different areas of his life, and frequently talks about what it means to him on Facebook.


He has produced several independent films and has written five books on the subject. He is also an expert historian for the History Channel. He is on the show called, “Tales of the Gun”, says the article. It is part of the intellectual interest he meshes with his Bushido studies.


Michael Zomber has degrees in literature from UCLA, as noted by his website. He has been a gun collector for four decades. He and his wife Andrea own Renascent Films. They are also known for their philanthropic work.


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