“OG” Juan Perez Celebrates His 50th Birthday Mega Style

The president of Roc Nation Sports Juan “OG” Perez celebrated his 50th birthday in lavish style, eating and drinking the best-of-the-best. It all began in Midtown and ended at the Playroom Nightclub with a $91,000 tab.

Thanks to a server who obviously couldn’t resist the urge to take a picture of the receipt and post it on Snapchat OG Juan’s 50th birthday and the price tag spread like wild-fire. Social media was buzzing, to many people $74,000 on liquor was nothing more than a waste. But was it an intelligent business move by the legendary mogul Jay Z?

Long-time friend and business partner Jay Z  splurged and made the night memorable for his friend. “OG” Juan Perez’s $100,000 birthday bash was a celebration and a wise man’s way of enjoying the benefits of advertising for free Jay Z style.

It was a generous and brilliant move on the Roc Nation crew’s part. Splurging on your own brand of champagne while partying with your friend and business partner is pure genius. OG Juan and Jay Z know how to celebrate and keep the money piling up. It’s a sensational 50th birthday celebration that will be talked about for quite some some thanks to the server who made sure the public and world knew about the excessive price tag.

But was that just a coincidence? Or was that part of the mogul’s game plan, the world may never really know. At the end of the night, it was a birthday bash for “OG” Juan Perez that will not be forgotten.

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