OSI Group President David McDonald Expands The Brand In Australia

David G. McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer and President of the OSI Group. The company operates globally, and is best known as a meat and poultry producer and distributor, along with other meat based products, poultry, fruits, vegetables, and condiments.

The company is one of the largest meat producers and distributors in the United States. David McDonald is committed to its continued growth as it works to develop a presence in new territories around the world. During the presidency of David McDonald, OSI Group has acquired several food companies in Europe. The increase in chicken demand and consumption is a major contributing factor. As it continues its expansion into more and more countries around the globe, including the Dutch company Baho Foods some years prior. This has profoundly added to the European customer base in the food service industry within which OSI Group serves. The company also acquired Flagship Europe, a subsidiary to a U.S. company and Tyson Chicken, there by doubling chicken production as was the company’s plan according to David McDonald. The latest acquisition has occurred in Australia. In early May of 2018, it was announced that OSI Australia has merged with the food company, Turi Foods, a distributor of meat and poultry. David is excited and optimistic about the acquisitions undertaken by the company, and he sees them as further steps to the bigger picture of continued global growth of the OSI Group, while also growing and positively impacting the service level to its customers. OSI Group releases sustainability report .

OSI Group was founded in the United States in 1909. It began humbly, and was created by a German businessman in Illinois. The international headquarters of the OSI Group are located in Aurora, Illinois. Its production facilities are located throughout the United States and in more than 18 countries. The number of employees has increased to over 20,000 as the company continues to grow with the efforts of David McDonald and the entire management team. He was born in Iowa, where he was raised. David received his collegiate education at Iowa State University. He has been employed by OSI since 1987, and he has held aeveral positions at the OSI Group. He possesses a vast amounts of executive leadership experience in the food service industry.

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