Richard Dwane Blair, the Man with a Financial Plan

Richard Dwayne Blair is the owner of Wealth Solutions, which is an institution helping people find their own path to financial freedom and generational wealth. Ever since Richard was a kid he was inspired by his mother and grandmother who were both teachers. He learned from an early age that teaching improves people’s lives and adds confidence to both participants at the same time. At a young age Richard Dwayne Blair also possessed an innate aptitude for the world of finance, thus leading to his career launch at the financial industry in 1993. In just one year

Richard founded Wealth Solutions in 1994, making it his personal goal to aid and help others achieve their own financial goals, and in the process make brighter financial futures to the people who became his clientele. There are three pillars to success that Richard Dwayne Blair firmly teaches his clients. The first of which is the process of actually finding out what the individual’s goals and strengths are, in order to correctly identify what it is the client wants, the rest of the steps can easily be done much better.

The second pillar Richard teaches is the process of actually working towards the goal the client disclosed by implementing various strategies which compound interest during high markets, and hedge against any nose dives the market takes on during the whole growth progress. This is how a lot of the wealth is built over time and Albert Einstein even calls it the eighth wonder of the world. Lastly the third pillar consists of getting insured so that in case of an emergency happening, the client is covered financially without having to dip into unnecessary funds to pay off the expenses it would take to get things stable again. With all this being said, Richard Dwayne Blair thus stands out as the man with a financial plan.


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