The Innovative Accomplishments of Bruce Bent II

Bruce Bent II is a renowned entrepreneur who has gained a lot of success in business over the years. He is acknowledged for the creation of the most inventive short-term asset management. He has also created cash related solutions for retail markets, broker-dealers, qualified plan, and banks. His entrepreneurial drive and vision have contributed to the development of the most relevant and influential products in the development of FDIC-insured and cash sweep programs. Bruce Bent II holds more than sixty own patents. His innovations have transformed The FDIC Insured cash management system from a relatively small size to more than $1 trillion business it is today.

Mr. Bruce is a proven CEO and manager who has led the spectacular growth of The Reserve for seventeen years. Bent initiated the orderly sale and liquidation of FDIC affiliates and subsidiaries during the 2008 financial crisis. Mr. Bruce also serves as the Senior Executive of Double Rock’s subsidiary companies as well as Access Control Advantage LLC. Bent has made significant contributions to those two companies thus enabling them to get global recognition as innovators in their area of specialization. Bruce has also taken part in other entrepreneurial ventures such as financial technologies, healthcare financing, pharmaceuticals, asset management, business consulting, and financial technologies among others.

As stated in this article, Double Rock was an idea that Harry Brown and his father had since 1970. Bent says that with his computer and cell phone, he can work from anywhere. Bent also says that he brings together smart people to work on new business ideas. He values real world and practical experiences. The relative affordability and ease of communication among people excites Bent a lot. He adds that even though communication is not as productive as before, people communicate more frequently nowadays. What makes bent successful is his firm belief that everything is possible. Bruce also notes that meeting new people creates new business opportunities. Networking helps to identify potential business partners. According to Bruce Bent II, college education is not necessary to attain success. Bruce encourages entrepreneurs to believe in their dreams, to be innovative and flexible.

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