The Oxford Club: Investing And Trading Advice

The Oxford Club is a prestigious club that has been around for decades. This club is dedicated to assisting members with investment and portfolio management. The club’s mission is to help the 157,000 members across 131 countries to protect their wealth with specialized market analysis and investment ideas. The Oxford Club provides information on equities, bonds, options, funds, real estates, precious metals, and currencies. The Oxford Club delivers different products and services to its members. The club offers three newsletters, 12 trading services, and Investment U Plus.


The three newsletters provided are as following:


The Oxford Communique features advice from Chef Investment Strategist Alexander Green. The Oxford Communique informs members on trading, market trends, and different opportunities for investment. This newsletter, also, provides an essay series from Alexander Green about more than just investment like politics and healthy living.


The Oxford Income Letter is the second newsletter from The Oxford Club. Chef Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld leads this newsletter. Each edition delivers advice and insight on different income-producing strategies for an investment portfolio. The newsletter is accompanied weekly by the Oxford Income Weekly, which gives updates on the four portfolio’s of The Oxford Income Letter.


The Oxford Resource Explorer newsletter gives expert insight on the oil and energy markets along with metals and minerals. Emerging Trends Strategist Matthew Carr provides information on growing trends and developments in these industries.


The Oxford Club offers 12 trading services. Each of the services is developed to help guide investments based on strategic research. The multiple trading services represent different investment options.


Investment U Plus is the education aspect of The Oxford Club. This service includes a daily email. The premium version contains recommendations for individuals to take action on stocks and investments.


There are three different membership levels:


  • Premier Membership


  • Director’s Circle Membership


  • Chairman’s Circle Membership



Each membership has different payment requirements and access to specific benefits for each level.

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