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Vinod Gupta is a businessman and entrepreneur. He was born in India and moved to the United States and attended the University of Nebraska. While working as a Marketing Research Analyst, he was tasked with gathering a list of mobile home dealers. While trying to collect the information that was asked of him he found out that the list did not exist. Instead of complaining about the list not existing he took it upon himself to create the list himself. Vinod saw that the business-to-business information was in high demand. He was able to start American Business Information by gathering information for companies seeking the information.

Gupta was able to turn one company into multiple companies because of his ability to gather information. His company went from InfoUSA to InfoGroup. They have provided information to companies all over the world. He offered jobs to people in populations that are not that fortunate. He has been able to save businesses time by providing them with the list that they need and give employment to people in need. He has gathered companies by using the knowledge that he gained over the years to develop other companies into great companies.

Vinod Gupta now uses the time that he has to continue in the growth of his companies. He makes sure to plan for long-term rather than short-term to ensure that his company can last. He set people in place to handle the problems they encounter on a daily basis so that he can handle long-term issues. He doesn’t want too much focus to be in one place and not in another. He has to make sure that his company is not ambushed by future problems. Gupta’s investment firm has been able to gain more and more companies by him staying ahead. His company specializes in database technology.

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Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta

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